Experienced and Trusty PCB & PCBA Supplier in China

Experienced and Trusty PCB & PCBA Supplier in China


As a main electronic circuit board manufacturer and PCB assemblage firm supplying premium quality printed circuit board assy, we principally focus on PCB-Assy & PCB manufacturing, and possess our own circuit card production lines. Now we have 25 years of electronic contract manufacturing practical experience and are always making improvements to PCB assy and PCBA soldering technologies, engineers get knowledge and strength along with us together.

To meet our shoppers, we center on supplying PCB Fabrication & SMT assy Service with good quality. We have executed the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system . The ideal quality assurance system and an assortment of inspection hardware allow us to to monitor the complete production procedure, guarantee consistency of this process and prime quality, meanwhile, sophisticated instruments and technologies are introduced to obtain constant progression.

Good quality

All of the printed circuit boards will perform the most rigorous tests other than the fundamental visual check. We use the vast majority of testing and inspecting equipments of the profession, that include Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Device, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.

Shipping and delivery

Year after year we’re very proud to hold an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We recognize, besides circuit card’s excellent quality, another important aspect is the least amount of lead-time, which is key for engineers’ development and research jobs, particularly in the stage of prototyping. We perform the job in three shifts to guarantee your circuit cards will be offered as planned and as early as possible.


Our pricing structure is apparent and has no concealed cost inside it, We’ll offer the best price, Quite possibly is merely a fraction of what other American or European manufacturers often charge you. Even a great many bargain-sensitive shoppers similar to students and hobbyists largely trust us for their circuit card prototype and manufacture orders. We try our utmost to save your cash and time period.

PCBA Service

In addition, we supplies PCB board assembly service for our circuit board customers. We will quote you in rapid sequence, We’ll make certain all of the components is high standard, we shall to source elements according to your BOM list , moreover our PCBA charges are cut-throat much like our PCBs. Your complete jobs can be performed in one place, SMT, thru-hole or Mixed!

Then finally, we must be thankful for huge Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and the like, which gave us opportunity to present PCB board Manufacturing and PCB assy services for them. Because we believe techniques are the best way to attain the confidence of our purchasers.

Either the projects are on design cycle, or volume production phase, a extensive Made to order PCB design services can be supplied to our customers around the globe. Excellent equipments, seasoned staffs and strict quality system guarantee that the last products match the quality prerequisites of worldwide clients.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Procedure, Tech, Tips and Techniques

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Procedure, Tech, Tips and Techniques


Printed circuit board assy, also called PCBA, is the procedure of soldering or assemblage of electronic components to a circuit board. A circuit board before assembly of electronic components has the name circuit card. As soon as electronic parts are soldered, the board is known as Printed Circuit Assemblage (PCA) or Printed Circuit Board Assemblage (PCBA).

It should be mentioned that assy of a circuit board is dissimilar to making a circuit board. Producing printed circuit boards entail quite a few steps consisting of PCB design and setting up PCB prototype. When a circuit board is ready, electronic parts ought to be soldered on it in advance of being deployed in any electronics. This assemblage of electronic parts relies on type of circuit board, kind of electronic parts along with usage the circuit board.

Items Deparately needed for Printed Circuit Board Assy

The Following electronic parts and elements are important for PCB assemblage

Printed Circuit Board
Electronic components
Soldering materials including solder wire, solder paste, solder bar, solder preforms (depending on the type of soldering to be executed)
Soldering flux
Soldering instruments for example soldering station, wave soldering device, SMT devices, inspection and testing devices and the like.

After all the above mentioned machines, electronic parts and all raw materials are organized, it’s time to start out the task of assy .

Printed Circuit Board Assy with Thru-Hole Electronic Components

Printed Circuit Board Assy

Electronic parts which have leads popping out and are implanted through little holes in the PCB board for soldering are named thru-hole electronic components. The assembly or soldering task for these types of parts contain wave soldering and hand-operated soldering – Wave Soldering – A PCB assy process where solder in the sort of solder bar are put in a high-temperature bath. This solder stays in the bath in smelted form and makes a wave at very high temp. The range of temperature hinges on the type of solder. Typical tin / lead (Sn/Pb) solder has lower melting point than lead-free (Pb-Free) solder. The PCB board together with the thru-hole electronic parts in holes is passed over molted solder by making use of a conveyor strap. The whole wave soldering course of action contains the below moves:

  1. Inserting electronic components
  2. Flux applying
  3. Preheat
  4. Cleanup
  5. Tests

After the wave soldering is conducted, the PCBA is cleaned and examined. If any failing or solder joint is discovered, it’ll be sent for rework, which is mainly handled manually. Hand Soldering – Hand-operated soldering is completed in making units with less work or in rework / repair work. A excellent quality soldering station, soldering iron and solder wire and flux are employed in the operation.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Meant for SMD Components

Surface Mount Technology or SMT is a circuit card assembly task for SMD (Surface Mount Device) components. SMD components do not have leads or legs. They’re attached to the surface of the circuit board. The devices, components and other soldering material applied in this assembly course of action is unlike thru-hole soldering procedure.