eagle tutorial:how to design a single layer PCB.

This tutorial about eagle cad. With describing the basic tools for the making single layer PCB at home by toner transfer method.

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Making of PCBs at home, DIY using inexpenive materials

An easily understandable video demonstration of how to make PCBs(Fabricate) at home with available inexpensive materials using toner transfer method.
Requirements for making PCB are Plain copper coated board,Ferric Chloride,PCB hand drill,Hacksaw blade, Iron box, LASER printer(not inkjet) and Glossy paper [photo paper].
Here Cadsoft Eagle has been used to design board layout,any other CAD tools can also be used.Acetone[nail polish remover] can be used to clean copper surface. Immerse the board for a sufficient time in boiling water for peeling off the paper.While peeling slowly remove the paper from borders don’t remove it rapidly since toner might also get removed. If you miss the continuity in the toner mask or if toner gets distorted [path or any small area of design] while peeling off the paper use Permanent marker[like CD maker] to manually draw the path before etching,wash the toner transferred board with plain water and make it dry before drawing with Permanent marker. For fast etching stir the Ferric Chloride solution for every 2 minutes.Air pump agitator[like aquarium air pump] also speeds up the etching process by bubbling through the solution and warm solution can also be used for doing this.
The board made in this video is for object tracking robot using Atmega328p and Xbee Pro.

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Programas para crear circuitos electrónicos impresos [ PCB ] TUTORIAL

Tutorial en el que se explica el uso de los software Live Wire y PCB Wizard para la creación paso a paso de circuitos electrónicos impresos por el método de planchado.

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Descarga de Live Wire y PCB Wizard:https: http://www.linkbucks.com/ByStO
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Descarga PDF Creator: http://www.linkbucks.com/BySYf

Como crear Circuito Electronicos Impresos o PCB CON PROTEUS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osqQduFBBig

Programas para crear circuitos electrónicos impresos [ PCB ] TUTORIAL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RFxmoW5jFU&index=9&list=UUbCZzTdZhQI6YzC1H_UKXHA

Programas para crear circuitos electrónicos impresos [PCB] [Método Avanzado] [TUTORIAL] HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6_Gt8bXqCw

Como Imprimir Archivos PCB Wizard de La Mejor Manera [TUTORIAL] HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aORQK83pSw

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PCB Design: Associate PCB Patterns to Schematic Components

If you’ve worked with PCB Creator or DipTrace, you may have noticed when converting your finished schematic to a layout, some of your components have magically disappeared. This happens when schematic components don’t have a pattern layout associated. In this example, I’ll show you how to associate an existing pattern to a component for a simple power/ground wire-to-board connection.

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How to Convert and Mill your PCB Layouts on your CNC

A Small Tutorial how to convert your PCB layouts to G-Code and Mill it on your CNC

Used Software.
DipTrace : http://www.diptrace.com/
CopperCAM : http://www.galaad.net/coppercam-eng.html
Mach3 : http://www.machsupport.com/

Instruction can be found her : http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Convert-and-Mill-your-PCB-Layouts-on-your-C/


Tutorial 1 for Eagle: Schematic Design

In this first tutorial on CadSoft Eagle, I’ll show you how to get the program up and running, how to navigate the interface, how to design your first schematic, and how to use DesignConnect to build a Bill-of-Materials.

Learn more and download the supporting materials for this schematic on my website: http://www.jeremyblum.com/2012/06/09/tutorial-1-for-cadsoft-eagle-schematic-design

All Eagle Tutorial example materials will be available on my GitHub: https://github.com/sciguy14/Eagle-Tutorial-Series

This tutorial has been made possible with support from CadSoft and element14. Learn more about Cadsoft Eagle here: http://www.element14.com/cadsoft

You can download CadSoft Eagle here: http://www.cadsoftusa.com/

You can download the Adafruit Eagle Library that I used in this tutorial here: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-Eagle-Library

If you can’t wait to learn more about using Eagle, Sparkfun has an excellent series of written tutorials that you can check out here: http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/108


PCB Artist Video Tutorial- Series 1 – Part 2 Video

PCB (printed circuit board) Design Tutorial by Advanced Circuits – Learn how to design a professional PCB. Printed circuit board video tutorial – layout design, standards, and tips. Get free PCB Artist here: http://tiny.cc/pcbartist