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Arduino Quadcopter Controller via Bluetooth

This is a demo of a Quadcopter controller via Bluetooth. In the video, we’re using LED for each of the command that the controller (Android phone) sends to the Arduino. When the Arduino receives the commands, the corresponding LED will light up. Part List: – Arduino UNO – 6 LEDs – 6 330 Ohm Resistors […]

Arduino Code: Bluetooth module HC-05 AT Setup Mode

Arduino: Bluetooth module HC-05 AT Mode setup Used for setting up your modules Name, Password, Mode ect __________________________ Schematic image: http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q377/Berrgk/Arduino/Bluetooth%20AT%20Mode%20schematic_zpsiydcpzdz.jpg Arduino Code: http://pasted.co/fdd2e7d7 AT Command Documentation: http://www.linotux.ch/arduino/HC-0305_serial_module_AT_commamd_set_201104_revised.pdf ___________________________________ Some other AT commands: AT+ADDR? (Bluetooth address) AT+VERSION? (Soft version) AT+NAME? (Display current name of device) AT+NAME=wtvr-u-want (Set device name to wtvr-u-want) AT+PSWD? (Display current password) […]

Lamps controlling by Android phone using Arduino & hc-05 Bluetooth module hindi tutorial

घरेलु उपकरणों को एंड्राइड फोन से चालू और बंद करे। Arduino uno और hc-05 Bluetooth module का उपयोग करते हुये । Arduino Code https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_TaVit2pXZIYm1nWFBXRXlzd3M/view?usp=drivesdk source

Arduino Bluetooth LED Controller with Android

Arduino Bluetooth LED Controller with Android Material utilizado: http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/arduino-mega-2560-rev-3/ http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/hc-06-bluetooth-module-rs232-ttl/ http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/rgb-led-module/ http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/65pcs-jump-wire-cable/ http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/mini-breadboard-protoboard/ http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/power-supply-9v1a/ App Android utilizada: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ptah.apps.bluetoothterminal Smartphone utilizado: http://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/celulares/thl-t100s/ Créditos: http://giltesa.com/?p=11738 THANK YOU! Your visit to this video fills me with joy and desire to continue to create more content, if you like click in “I Like” and remember to SUBSCRIBE to stay […]

Bluetooth module hc-05 with Arduino

Bluetooth module hc 05 with Arduino. In this tutorial we will learn how we can connect bluetooth module hc-05 with arduino. Code Link: http://hackaholic.info/bluetooth-module-hc-05-arduino/ source

Arduino Bluetooth Android – LED Controller Project

This video to show you how to connect the Bluetooth HC-06 with Arduino UNO to On and Off the LED with your Android Phone or tablet. You can find the more detail on below link: Arduino and Bluetooth HC-06 to Control the LED with Android Device Android Application https://goo.gl/rwLB3k source

Tutorial 1 for Eagle: Schematic Design

In this first tutorial on CadSoft Eagle, I’ll show you how to get the program up and running, how to navigate the interface, how to design your first schematic, and how to use DesignConnect to build a Bill-of-Materials. Learn more and download the supporting materials for this schematic on my website: http://www.jeremyblum.com/2012/06/09/tutorial-1-for-cadsoft-eagle-schematic-design All Eagle Tutorial […]

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For more information: [email protected] , http://www.okano.com.tw/, http://www.oktek.com.tw/products-and-equipments.php – 將隨機散佈在承載盤(Tray)上的晶片零件依正反面方向排列整齊的裝置。托盤上隨機散亂的蕊片進行高速定位(正反/方位),由四支吸嘴吸引芯片,經X, Y, ø方位補正後填入芯片托盤。 *最適合收納不耐振動及摩擦的精密零件。 – 由於不使用Parts Feeder或機械性定位機構,不會損及對象工作物。 – 利用4吸/8吸嘴方式、3台影像處理攝影機進行高精度整列,並可以高速(0.8秒/pcs) 處理。 – 此外,亦可篩選出不良的晶片零件單體。 – 節省空間、優異的成本績效比(Cost Performance) 。 – 可由Pallet移載至Pallet。 – 亦可針對Pallet內的工作物進行影像處理,修正方向判別。 – 同時可將阻塞於Pallet上的工作物堆放整齊。 – 此外,亦提供特殊規格,可與影像檢查系統結合,僅將OK品堆放於Pallet上。 – 芯片裝托盤機・芯片定位裝盤機・封裝傳送裝置其他裝置也請隨意諮詢。 – 客戶的要求就是我们開發的原動力!! – 各種晶片、LED、大功率半导体元件、MEMS、LD、PD、半導體相品 – 自動對焦可適應各種工件尺寸的變動 source Zero Defects International Introduces Taiyo PCB Inspection System Zero Defects International [ZDI] has been […]

Automatic Solder Robot

We provide totally solution for LED lighting SMT PCB assembly. Worldwide Installation and on site support. Factory (machine and lighting assembly) training. Find more: [email protected] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- We design and manufacture SMT equipment in Shenzhen China; 1, LED SMT solutions : one full line (1.2m printer + 20k CPH LED mounter + 6 zone oven) price […]

Lightberry: Ambilight-Alternative mit Raspberry Pi + Steuerung via Fibaro HC2

#Tutorial: http://siio.de/lichtschatten/lightberry-perfektes-ambilight-fuer-jeden-tv-selber-bauen-inkl-fibaro-hc2-steuerung/ Ambilight-Alternative für jeden TV Typ- Optional steuerbar mit dem Fibaro HomeCenter 2. source 7 Raspberry Pi Substitutes Instead Of Asus Tinker Board: Quicker, Lower priced, Amazing Raspberry Pi, the credit card-sized PC and the pride of the British people, has a powerful competitor originating from some other shoreline – the pride of the […]