Modular-X Tutorial 03: PCB Through-Hole Solder Joint Inspection

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Modular-X is a versatile industrial image processing software, providing effective solution for the optical Quality Control of your products. There are several modules and looping statements available for the users, by which even a complex problem can easily be solved. Modular-X uses the LabVIEW Vision Development Module functions of National Instruments. It supports IDS uEye, Ximea CURRERA-R, USB, FireWire, GigE cameras.

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Zero Defects International Introduces Taiyo PCB Inspection System

Zero Defects International [ZDI] has been assigned by Taiyo Industrial Company, Japan, to manage the North American introduction of it’s intelligent printed circuit board final inspection systems. These inspection systems have enjoyed extensive success in The EU and in China and are now being brought to the United States and Canada.

Prior to commencing this job, ZDI contacted all sorts of PCB makers in an effort to see if there would be a perceived desire for this type of equipment. The consensus was that the product is one that will perform an important function and, on the other hand, offer a very acceptable Return on investment.

Latest initial trials in the United States have proved that the machine surely could find defects which passed regular visual inspection but should have been flagged as not meeting the end customer’s standard. Detection capabilities include: exposed copper, solder mask on pads, scratches, foreign material, blocked holes and chipped plating.

Who is Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. launched in 1960, is diversified with interconnect and test business interests. Flexible printed circuits are a mainstay and a huge selection of PCB test and inspection systems.

IPC, Sree Bhagwat

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IPC Market Research Manager Sree Bhagwat discusses the latest comprehensive PCB Industry Report, which includes trends, analysis and forecasting.


2017 Most up-to-date PCB Industry Facts

PCB industry is one of the fastest developing sectors in the world since the majority of of the modern-day electronic products is PCB-driven. Depending on the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PCB in the United States has grown. This particular article offers several interesting observations into the arena of PCB industry by examining the advancement trends, potential customers, and forecast report.

Product based investigation of PCB market

1-2 sided
4-6 low
8-16 mid
18+ high
Micro via (HDI)

Depending on several market analysis reports, there’s a high demand for 4-6 layer PCB types. This is due to their increasing use in devices for example, resistors, embedded capacitors and also transistors. Additionally, with the arrival in technology new PCB’s like RoHS / lead free PCB’s have come about in the market changing the face of devices market. The PCB market is likely to grow with the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% against the last Q4 2016, trend which witnessed severe downside. Some frequent PCB products haviving influence over the devices market are:

Application based investigation of PCB market

When considering the most important sales contributor for the PCB industry, the networking and communication industry leads by contributing a 30% boost in the PCB earnings. Also, the aerospace and defense industries have also began applying PCB technologies. Right here is the set of PCB market ranking when it comes to applications.

Personal computer / Side-line Products
Industrial Electronic products

2017 Most recent Market Research and Tastes

In line with the “Global PCB Field Report“, PCB market was evaluated at in excess of $3.4 billion in the Q4 2016, with the industry prediction hinting a 10 pct development in 2017. American region accocunts for 5Per-cent of whole $60 billion international PCB market. This research analysis focuses on the important figures and exhaustive study of the PCB industries in the American region. Some key points enrolled in the report are:

::Offshoring Influence: With the migration of various electronic products industries and manufacturing facilities to third world regions, there has been a tremendous downslide in the American PCB business. This has caused a shrinking in the PCB manufacturing facilities in the North american area.

::Restoration of PCB market: A number of sectors similar to communications, defense, and industrial electronic products industries remain banking on the PCB market. The PCB industry nevertheless remains to be the tactical driver for a lot of superior automation and process control hardware. With the resurrection of the gas and oil field, which depends upon PCB driven equipment, the PCB business is right now getting a restoration in the American region.

If you’re hunting for PCB for your application, you need to look at a manufacturer with a long industry experience similar to MOKO is the kind of reputed maker and vendor of PCB in China. The company has persistently provided their buyers with high standard circuit boards that rank with regards to speed and overall performance.