How to make android home automation using arduino

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Hello guys,In this video I will show you how you can make a 8 channel bluetooth control home automation with code and apps at home very easily.By using this you can control your fan,led lights,cfl bulb,computer,laptop,sound-system mobile charger etc..
This is very easy & everyone can make this..

Components lists(affiliate link present beside the components, you can buy the products directly by using the following link)
“Best price”
1. Arduino uno(
2. 5v 8 channel relay module(
3. 5v adapter( can buy this 2 for arduino & relay
4. hc-05 bluetooth module(
5. jumper wires male to female(
6. ac 220v/120v loads/home appliances
7. android phone
8. laptop/pc

Arduino code

Home automation apps(

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Arduino Based Home Automation Using Bluetooth Android Smartphone

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project Description:
Google android operating system is one of the leading and most popularly preferred systems in smart phone. Smart phone affordability increases day by day due to their size and portability .android GUI installed in smart phone. The operator has to touch on the screen of the phone to control the home appliances. This project is an android application which possesses the capability to control any sort of electrical appliances providing remote access from smart phone using Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is wireless radio transmissions in a short distance providing a necessary technology to create convenience, intelligence and controllability. This generates personal area network in home environment, where all these appliances can be interconnected and monitored using a single controller. Home automation involves a degree of computerized or automatic control to certain electrical and electronic systems in a building. Busy families, individuals with physical limitation represent very attractive market for such networking. This system will also assist and provide support in order to fulfill the needs of elderly and disabled in home

The Bluetooth antenna in our module picks up the packets sent from the cell phone. Subsequently, these packets containing the appliance status commands are pipelined through ATmega328 microcontroller and the designed analogue circuitry according to the definition of each output. Different home appliances are connected to the digital output ports of the arduino BT board via relays to provide sufficiently high currents and voltage compatibility. For test purposes, 25W, 240V lamps have been used. Figure 2 shows the relay configuration for each device and Figure 3 depicts the arduino BT board‟s communication with the home appliances. Sending commands from software to turn ON/OFF a device may not guarantee the successful operation of the device as the device may be defective. To solve this problem, a feedback circuit has been designed and implemented to indicate the device‟s actual status after it receives the command (ON/OFF) from the cell phone. Once the command has been sent to turn ON a device, the feedback circuit senses the current and gives an output signal by turning ON a respective led on the switching circuitry indicating that the device is ON. Otherwise, the device is malfunctioning indicating that the command was not executed successfully.


BLUETOOTH : Connecting Android phone with Arduino

Bluetooth module HC-05 is used to establish a wireless connection between android phone and Arduino.
Load the source code into the Arduino before making the circuit.
IMPORTNT – Remove the Rx and Tx connections everytime when uploading the source code.
Source code is in the comment. (Watch other video if you don’t know how to upload the source code).


||Home Automation|| Using HC05 Bluetooth Module , Arduino and Android Smartphone

This video is a tutorial of controlling regular day to day household devices using any Android device…
Please send use the comment section for any questions regarding the project…
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The Android App file :

The Circuit Diagram :

The Arduino Code :

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