(HD) Auto-Connect BT to BT Module Without Using Arduino At All – Presence Detection System

This video demonstrates the “Presence Detection System” concept. This project uses a pair of Bluetooth modules which is HC-05 (master) and HC-06 (slave), a USB to UART converter to connect the BT modules to the computer and a relay module for building up application circuit.

The BT modules need to be set up with certain configuration to make them automatically connect between each other when they are visible to one another. This project does not use any Arduino and its code at all. However, we still use it’s Serial Monitor to help setting up the BT modules in the AT mode.

You may implement this kind of “presence detection” concept in your own projects namely the key-less entry for vehicle, automatic gate opener for home application or the child surveillance system for the safety of your kids. You name it, the sky is the only limit.

If you wish to add up some timer or kind of intelligence to your project, then use micro-controllers such as PIC or the Arduino. All
you have to do is just monitor the “STATE” pin of the HC-05 BT module, which will give about 3.3V when it is linked to other BT device or 0V when it is not. To let say build a forward/reverse motor control circuit, refer my other videos on my channel. Feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below.

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Credit to Martyn Currey (http://www.martyncurrey.com/) for the guide on auto-pairing of the BT modules.

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Create a Bluetooth App and control the Arduino

You will learn how to create an Android app in AppInventor. Using a bluetooth client you will connect to a bluetooth module of the arduino. By sending data you could control all the arduino’s outputs. Use this app to control robots, things arount your house, lights, etc.

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Arduino schematic: http://www.electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_7/Schematic.jpg
Arduino example code: http://www.electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_7/BT_app_room_control.zip

Tutorial webpage: http://www.electronoobs.com/eng_arduino_tut7.php
!!►EXTRA◄!! See receiving blocks example: http://electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_7/receive_text.png

Room control App download: http://www.electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_7/Room_control.zip

BadAss Tank App download: http://www.electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_7/EN_Robot_control.zip

See this 🢃🢃🢃🢃🢃 in order to know what character each button sends
BadAss Robot app datasheet: http://www.electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_7/EN_Robot_control_datasheet.png

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Cheap Arduino Bluetooth HID Module (HC05 with RN42 firmware hack)

Arduino makers and hobbyists will appreciate this one. Here’s how to turn a $3 Bluetooth module (HC-05 or HC-06) into an HID module (like the RN-42 or BlueSMiRF HID) with a firmware hack.

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