Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

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Veteran Chinese Contract Circuit Card Manufacturing Solution In China


Veteran Chinese Contract Circuit Card Manufacturing Solution In China

Project PCB

Project PCB : China Good Quality Circuit Card Producer

Project PCB is a circuit card maker which focuses primarily on PCB board prototype and low-volume electronic board fabrication. After 2009, we have begun to offer superior quality circuit card fabricating solution for world-wide clients.

Proficient Electronic Board Fabrication At Ambitious Pricing

Our PCB fabricating lines are positioned in China, making it possible for us to give prime quality, tight tolerance printed circuit boards at cut-throat competitive prices.

Find our full offering of circuit board fab capabilities, you are able to get immediate online PCB quoted price without signing up, our company will reply to you on your PCB project by using email or phone call.

Top Ten Reasons behind Acquiring Circuit Card From Project PCB

Quick PCB quote online without the need to register .
In Time client care by knowledgable staffs
100% hight quality Assured, our boards match Class 2
All of the orders will be checked by our technical engineers ahead of going to fabrication
Low Price guarantee, no secret fees and supplemental fees
PCB manufacture services specifically for prototypes, small quantity orders, with short turn-times.
Opportune shipping record with 70% orders shipped earlier
Free file conversion services, Electric-Test, Zero-cost Solder mask color, silkscreen
We don’t have any MOQ conditions.
Our Vaule: Superior Quality, Standing And Client Service

We’re going to help you at every step of the process, From quoting, buying, quality and shipping, which will help you save time and money.

And in the event that you have various other questions about Project PCB or our services and products, please Touch Base with Us at any moment.

To find out more on the way we may help your business, please visit our PCB fabricating, Printed Circuit Board Mfg Capabilities, Quick-turn PCB and full-featured PCB support.

Suitable for heaps of different delegated PCB board fab demands!!!

From step 1 till packaging,and shipping and delivery , we check out all the steps so that you can get a performance product. At present, we have the number one place. as a outstanding Printed Circuit board manufacturer in China.

Founded upon : http://project-pcb.com/About-project-pcb.html

HTD Group

Commercial: Your electronic board manufacturing teammate in China

With more than 15 years practical experience, HTD Group is speedily evolving into the logical alternative for PCB board makers in China. We’re boastful to manufacture top quality boards, and offer an excellent and highly effective office environment for our more than 1000 workers.

For more than 15 years, HTD Circuits has been focused upon satisfying the expectations of our purchasers by serving up the most effective resources and tools to make doing business simple.

-Peter Cai, Founder

You will discover numerous worries in doing business in a foreign country. Not only do companies have to be concerned about time zone diversities and language problems, but additionally, our PCBs are made with branded materials and are completed on-time and on-budget! And for those infrequent instances an order arrives with a problem, the confidence and trust that the maker addresses the challenge very quickly .

To remove all of these difficulties and to set us a step above our contenders situated in China:

>>Multi-lingual office members in China that speak lots of foreign languages
>>100Per-cent defect-free warranted
>>99 Percent on-time supply
>>Price protection guaranteed
>>Web-based purchasing and ERP program 24 /7
>>Global shipping and supply management programs

We have earned the results , it has consumed 15 years of effort and the capacity to be bold in an ever-changing, global industry.

HTD Group Circuits.com is among the many world’s leading and devoted multilayer PCB producers. Our desire for electronics market and other semiconductors has made it easier for us to evolve into one of the best electronic board suppliers on the market. Apart from this, it has brought on us to inflate above the boundaries of our China and contact the whole world.

Electronic boards from HTD Group Circuits are the final results of the most innovative technological improvements in the niche of electronic circuit design engineering. These are comprised of a series of various components assembled together like a waterfall which can be used to execute a few different functions all at the same time by producing a entire circuit. We make certain to mention all the parts that have been put together, guaranteeing that it is straightforward to make proper use of it, no matter whether you’re an professional or an newcomer.

As everyone knows, China possesses a magnificent market for electronics, steel engineering suppliers and manufacturers but their manufacturing skills are widely known likewise. HTD Circuits as circuit board producers has a huge PCB facility that produces all kinds of PCB boards you can think of! PCBs could be printed depending on your unique demands, including one or two layers to those rising up to as many as 16 layers.

HTD Group Circuits is devoted to supply you with the finest quality service. That is why all the electronic board fabrication processes is completed under the strictest QC and from the highest quality resources, under expert administration. We also provide you excellent quality aluminum PCBs, copper boards, laser cut stencils, flexible boards and a number of other varieties of made to order electronic board that fit your need and affordability.

Make Contact with Us

Building # D3, The 3rd Industrial Area, Fuqiao, Fuyong Street, Baoan Dist, Shenzhen City, Guangdong China
Mailbox: info@htdcircuits.com
TEL: +0086-755-8146 2930
Facsimile : +0086-755-8146 2931

Based upon : http://www.htdcircuits.com/about-htd/

Native Chinese Key Electronic Board Fabricating Assembling Service

Native Chinese Key Electronic Board Fabricating Assembling Service


Shenzhen MOKO Technology Ltd

We Provide a Broad Selection of Circuit Board Capabilities in Order to Fit Every One of your PCB Specifications.

Moko Technology Limited founded in the year 2001, based in Shenzhen, China. is skilled in printed circuit board manufacture & PCB assy, situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We’re devoted to producing single-sided , double-sided and multilayer board, as many as 18 layers. What’s more, we are able to make available elements purchasing and turn-key electronic board assembly service.

With upwards of a decade in the field of electronic board prototype and fabricating, we’re committed to satisfying the needs of our shoppers coming from multiple industries in terms of craftsmanship, delivery, cost-effectiveness and virtually any request(s). Being among the many most skilled PCB board manufacturers in China, we have confidence to be your most advantageous business partners .

In China, we are honored as the top-quality provider for a great number of firms around the globe. We offer all types of services including electronic circuit board mfg and electronic board assy for from sample orders through batch orders.

With regards to circuit board assy, with the help of 8 high-speed SMT assembling lines brought from Japan Yamaha and Sony, we make our best to meet our customers’ expectations.

One Stop Solution: Beyond the borders of PCB Manufacture

Our enhanced competence in circuit boards is not merely limited to circuit board manufacturing but includes all of the involved services including circuit card design / layout and electronic circuit board assembly. Our professional design advisors can help you realize economical efficiency in your multi-layer design or we’re able to design your circuit from day 1: from a simple double-sided board to intricate rigid-flex PCB applications. In the year 2012, our branch – Shenzhen Eastwin Trading Ltd began in an effort to broaden global Business.

We have our 25,000 square feet revolutionary manufacturing unit to give the quality consistency you need…

We’ve obtained the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, UL and ROHS certificates. Now our circuit card potential grows to 1000 sqm. each day, and for PCB assy can come to 100 mil items a month.

We heavily understand that our brilliant service and expertise will 100 % meet your needs. Sincerity and development are the causes that determine our achieving success. We are the right solution to meet your requirements.

To get more products and services, more concessions, or free examples please

Make Contact with Us

China MOKO Technology Ltd.
Telphone: 86-75523573370
Fax: 86-75523573370-808
E-mail: jenny@mokotechnology.com.cn
Address : 4F,Buidling #2,Guanghui Technology Park,Minqing Road, Longhua Town, Shenzhen City, China
Postal Code: 518109

Based on http://www.mokotechnology.com/about/