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How To Make An Arduino Uno Car using L298n Motor Driver And HC05 Bluetooth Module

HI Friends I Am Gamak Sahani And In This Tutorial I Will Teach You How To Make An Arduino uno Car Using L298n Motor Driver And HC05 Bluetooth Module, Friend Dont Forget To Subscribe Me Picture MATERIAL NEEDED :- 1) ARDUINO UNO chip 2) L298n motor driver 3) JUMPER WIRE _MALE TO MALE WIRES _FEMALE […]

Voice controlled Lamp using Arduino Android and Bluetooth module

In this Video Tutorial i have explained how to interface Android app with arduino nano v3.0 connected with bluetooth HC-06. I’ve used android App called “AMR_Voice” which will send serial test message to bluetooth module “HC-06” which is connected on arduino Nano using serialsoftware library @ pin 9 and 10. Link to download code: http://adf.ly/up6xS […]

Arduino relay module bluetooth upgrade for android control.

Upgrading a basic 1 channel relay module to android bluetooth control. For small size, im used attiny45/85. Its works with parseInt, so accept only integers from android. Im used 111 for turn on, and 222 to turn off, but you can change it. Used android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_h_imr3.ArduConS Attiny code: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6GR9Hj5Ut61UWF5SnV4alhTOU0/view?usp=sharing For more details, check the […]

Arduino – BLUETOOTH & ANDROID PIR ALARM with call and sms Functions!

Hello world! Today i made a android app that communicates with a arduino using the HC-06 Bluetooth module for a PIR Motion sensor GSM Alarm. You can set 1 phonenumber to the DATABASE that needs to be called when movement is detected. When movement is detected it will call you and you can listen what […]

Bluetooth HomeAutomation Arduino | Roboshala Hindi

In this tutorial , you will get step by step guide to automate your Home and make your home smarter. You will be able to control your home appliances using your phone’s bluetooth. For codes and updates : Visit : http://www.roboshala.com/2016/12/home-automation-arduino.html Learn all about BluetoothModule HC-05: Make your own HomeAutomation App: Learn All about Relays: […]

Arduino Tutorial – LCD Display Control via Bluetooth (Part2)

How to control an LCD via Bluetooth First watch this video: Hardware Required – Arduino or Genuino Board – LCD Screen – HC06-05 Bluetooth Module – Pin headers to solder to the LCD display pins – 10k ohm potentiometer – 220 ohm resistor – hook-up wires – breadboard Flash Deals — https://goo.gl/CVqg7P Mega Stock Clearance […]

1/2 ANDROID Bluetooth модуль HC-05 Управление без without Arduino AT Commands Часть 1.

Часть 1. Управление по Bluetooth, без использования Arduino или других микроконтроллеров, только с помощью двух Bluetooth модулей HC-05, через AT Commands. Для чего это нужно? например для управления люстрой, включать выключать лампочки люстры с помощью ANDROID телефона по Bluetooth. sketch Arduino – Bluetooth HC-05 – AT Commands – TEST http://yadi.sk/d/zSV0Ca0tHfHgK sketch Arduino-Bluetooth HC-05-AT Commands-Atmega-TEST http://yadi.sk/d/fJJs1r0IHfHwi […]

Arduino Based Home Automation Using Bluetooth Android Smartphone

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