Configure HC 05 Bluetooth Module

This is useful for configure the bluetooth module with corresponding Mind-wave device.And automatically the bluetooth module pair with our mind-wave device.

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Bluetooth Module for Arduino

The Bluetooth Module for Arduino is a small electronic circuit that allows to get serial communication between your Arduino board and your pc or device through Bluetooth protocol.

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El módulo Bluetooth para Arduino es un pequeño circuito electrónico que permite tener comunicación serie entre tu placa Arduino y tu pc o dispositivo a través del protocolo Bluetooth.

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Arduino Project 02: RC Car Control via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)

In this project I will show you how to transform an RC toy car to Bluetooth controlled through your Android smartphone!

Hardware Required:

– RC Car –
– Arduino Board –
– Motor Shield –
– Bluetooth Module –
– Wires
– Battery

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– Before starting, remove the existing rc circuit.
– You should find the polarity of 2 motors.
– For power, you can use the existing batteries, or replace them with a Li iOn rechargeable battery pack.

– When uploading code to arduino, you must disconnect first the VCC pin of Bluetooth module.


Get the Source Code and Application —



Getting Started with the RN42 Bluetooth Module and Arduino

In this video tutorial we go over the basics of using the RN42 Bluetooth module. Topics covered include:
Connecting and communicating wirelessly
Using command mode
Wireless communication with an Arduino Uno
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‘DIY’ Using the Arduino Uno and HC-05 Bluetooth module with ArduDroid App

This Tutorial is to help you with the basic connection of the HC-05 Bluetooth module.

The tutorial is in two folds. The first session is to help you get the basic parameters of your Bluetooth module,such as the password and MAC-Address of the module.

The second session is to help you use the Ardudroid App to connect to the Bluetooth module. As well as use it to on / off leds and a buzzer.

Also the App helps to data from an ultrasonic sensor.

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Arduino RGB LED control using Bluetooth

Arduino RGB LED Bluetooth Control Using Android smartphone.
Control RGB LED using arduino uno and bluetooth easily.
Step by step Guide in the Following Link
This is a Ope source code,You are allowed to modify it
Things you need-
Bluetooth Module


Bluetooth HC-05 with Arduino | RoboShala Hindi

In this tutorial, you will learn about the Bluetooth module HC-05 with Arduino. Here,you will get step by step tutorial on HC-05.

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You can get the sample codes :


Arduino-Android communication through HC-05 bluetooth module

Communication between arduino and android device through HC-05 bluetooth module. How to communicate between arduino uno and android devices to communicate between different electrical appliances. read letters sent from an android device using HC-05 communication module, HC-05 video demonstration. HC-05 communication tutorial.

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Create a Bluetooth App and control the Arduino

You will learn how to create an Android app in AppInventor. Using a bluetooth client you will connect to a bluetooth module of the arduino. By sending data you could control all the arduino’s outputs. Use this app to control robots, things arount your house, lights, etc.

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