Arduino – Control 2 DC Motors Via Bluetooth (Tutorial)

Full Tutorial here:

You can download on my website “BlueArd” android app, arduino sketch, schematics, etc…
Make sure you go there and grab everything!

UPDATE 23-12-2013: changed their whole website… So the source file that previously you could use to edit on their website, only works with AppInventor version 1.0 or also called classic that you can see here Click the button: “Invent your own Apps now” . This project still works just fine with my app and with my Arduino code. But you can only edit the source code on Appinventor classic version. I’ll try to update the source code in the next 4 weeks or something. I’m currently working on another projects that I need to finish right away.

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Parts Required:

1x Arduino Uno
1x Bluetooth Module (for example: HC-05)
1x Smartphone (any Android will work, I’ve only tested with Samsung Galaxy Ace)
BlueArd Application (you can download it below)
1x L293D IC
x DC motor
1x Breadboard
Jumper Cables


Arduino Digital Clock with LCD and Bluetooth Modules

lcd.print(“Hello Youtube!!!”);

Hey Guys! As you can probably guess from the above sentence, this is my first YouTube video. I bought my first Arduino board an year ago ago and since then I’ve played with various Sensors and Modules and built numerous small scale projects.

I built this clock a while ago to replace my analog clock whose continuous ticking was driving me mad. Since power cut happen frequently here, I had no choice but to deploy some instrument which would set time without all the wire hassle; hence the Bluetooth module.

I’m open to suggestions regarding this project. Cheers!


Controlling Servo Motor with Bluetooth using Arduino and Android

Hello! This tutorial shows you how to control a servo motor via the HC-06 bluetooth device for Arduino. Code can be found on my website:


CameraPro/Android: Arduino based Bluetooth camera control

This video shows a sample Arduino setting (Arduino Uno R3, rotary knob, 10K resistor) with a Bluetooth shield connected to CameraPro on Android (with net module plugin) for wireless capturing of photos.

More information and download:


Bluetooth HC-05 AT Command mode using Arduino Uno

This is a video on how to enter the command mode of HC-05 Bluetooth module using arduino uno.
For Connection, code and AT command click the link below.


How to make android home automation using arduino

Please watch: “How to make gesture/motion controlled rc car using arduino and smartphone at home”


Hello guys,In this video I will show you how you can make a 8 channel bluetooth control home automation with code and apps at home very easily.By using this you can control your fan,led lights,cfl bulb,computer,laptop,sound-system mobile charger etc..
This is very easy & everyone can make this..

Components lists(affiliate link present beside the components, you can buy the products directly by using the following link)
“Best price”
1. Arduino uno(
2. 5v 8 channel relay module(
3. 5v adapter( can buy this 2 for arduino & relay
4. hc-05 bluetooth module(
5. jumper wires male to female(
6. ac 220v/120v loads/home appliances
7. android phone
8. laptop/pc

Arduino code

Home automation apps(

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Arduino + Modulo de sonido Bluetooth (Arduino + Bluetooth Stereo Module XS-3868 )

Toda la informacion, codigos y librerias para este proyecto la pueden encontrar en nuestro Bolg en el link de aca abajo.

More Info Here:

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Arduino/Android BLUETOOTH Serial Monitor APP for arduino using the HC-06 and ANDROID

Hello world! Today i made a Android app that simply reads values or text that are printed to the arduino serial using bluetooth module HC-06/05 or other modules. You don’t need to set anything in the arduino code. Just simply Serial.println will display the value or text in the android app. Follow the link for the instructable, schematic, example code and google play app!


Arduino Quadcopter Controller via Bluetooth

This is a demo of a Quadcopter controller via Bluetooth. In the video, we’re using LED for each of the command that the controller (Android phone) sends to the Arduino. When the Arduino receives the commands, the corresponding LED will light up.

Part List:
– Arduino UNO
– 6 LEDs
– 6 330 Ohm Resistors
– Bluesmirf Bluetooth module
– Android phone (Controller)