Arduino RC Car – Part 01 – Interface HC-05 bluetooth module with Arduino using AT commands

This is Part 01 in the series of video tutorials for building an Arduino RC Car for robotics beginners. You can control this RC Car using any Android Device or using a Game Controller.

In this part, I will show you how to connect the HC-05 bluetooth module to an Arduino and change the settings of the HC-05 bluetooth module using the AT command set. The HC-05 comes with a rich set of AT commands to perform various tasks such as changing the module’s default settings including changing the pass code, the device name, and the baud rate.

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HC-05 AT Commands list:

AT command arduino code:


App Inventor 2 tutorial – Android Control Arduino with HC-06 Bluetooth module

Free HC05/06 control android app:

IOS control arduino with HM-10 bluetooth:

Simple way to turn low and high state the arduino pin13, with android phone via Bluetooth.
You can change the led to relay.
Wiring in the video, pic from the Fritzing program.

Arduino code:

App inventor .aia file (you can import and edit in app inventor):

My other App Inventor 2 projects:

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Accelero arduino servo:
Accelero two servo:
Tv remote with ardu:
Ardu SPI and eeprom:
PC gamepad:
Countdown timer:
Checkbox with tinyDB:
Analog voltmeter:
Basic BT keyboard for PC/RPI:

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Sinhala Arduino Tutorial 09 – Bluetooth HC 06

අද වීඩියෝ එකෙන් කියල දෙන්නෙ Bluetooth වලින් ආර්ඩුයිනෝ බෝර්ඩ් එක පාලනය කරන විදිය. තේරෙන විදියට කිව්වොත් phone එක රිමෝට් එකක් විදියට පාවිච්චි කරන විදිය. ගොඩක් සරලව හැම දෙයක්ම කියල දීලා තියනවා. මේ වීඩියෝ එක බලලා ඔයාලට Bluetooth පාවිච්චි කරලා අලුත් දෙයක් හදල බලන්න පුලුවන්. Bluetooth කාර් එකක් හදන්න උනත් පුලුවන්. වීඩියෝ එක හැමෝටම ප්‍රයෝජනවත් වෙයි කියලා හිතනවා. Share කරන්නත් අමතක කරන එපා.

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App Inventor 2 Tutorial-Arduino Bluetooth Control

App Inventor 2 Tutorial, Arduino Tutorial , Bluetooth , Module hc-05 ,
In this tutorial I’ll show you How to control Arduino with Bluetooth
using, My app developed with app inventor

Visit my blog for the code :


CONNECTING Bluetooth Module with Arduino (Control with SmartPhone)

This a FULL Tutorial about how to use a Bluetooth Module with an Arduino (Made Very Easy). The control is done using a SmartPhone.As a beginner, you learn how to control a LED wirelessly using your SmartPhone, Arduino and Bluetooth Module. The Video is Full of Details.
These are the two Arduino Sketches-

One More Video soon.


BLUETOOTH : Connecting Android phone with Arduino

Bluetooth module HC-05 is used to establish a wireless connection between android phone and Arduino.
Load the source code into the Arduino before making the circuit.
IMPORTNT – Remove the Rx and Tx connections everytime when uploading the source code.
Source code is in the comment. (Watch other video if you don’t know how to upload the source code).


Lamps controlling by Android phone using Arduino & hc-05 Bluetooth module hindi tutorial

घरेलु उपकरणों को एंड्राइड फोन से चालू और बंद करे।
Arduino uno और hc-05 Bluetooth module का उपयोग करते हुये ।
Arduino Code


Programming a nRF51822 Bluetooth module using the Arduino IDE

This video demonstrates how its possible to program a eBay $6 nRF51822 Bluetooth module using the Arduino IDE.

The module I used is one like this from eBay

As I described in the video, my module was listed as 16k RAM however it contained the nRF51822QFAC which is 32k RAM.

But this setup works equally well with the 16k RAM version, and I actually have my Arduino files set to only use 16k not the full 32k.

The board I used as a programmer is a STM32F103C8T.

This needs to be flashed with the Black Magic Probe firmware, and for this you need a USB to Serial adaptor.

Or anything similar will do, (there are various makes and models)

The firmware is a custom version of the Black Magic probe, customised by Rick Kimball, and the sources are available to download on his github repo.

The Arduino “core” I’m using was developed by RedBearLab for their own products, but I made some minor modifications to use the Black Magic Probe to upload (as their products have an on-board programmer)
Plus patches from

You also need the Nordic SDK v9.0.0 SoftDevice S130 hex file, which needs to be flashed to the module before you can use the Arduino IDE. This file only needs to be flashed once, and is retained in the flash memory.
The SoftDevice contains all the clever BLE code, which the Arduino sketch uses.

I will need to do another video to explain the complete setup that is required before you get to the point where you can just press the upload button.
This may seem complicated, but you only need to flash the Black magic probe onto the STM32 once, and you only need to flash the S130 Softdevice into the module once.

I will cover all this setup in another video and I will also write a complete set of instructions in my blog.