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Bluetooth HomeAutomation Arduino | Roboshala Hindi

In this tutorial , you will get step by step guide to automate your Home and make your home smarter. You will be able to control your home appliances using your phone’s bluetooth. For codes and updates : Visit : http://www.roboshala.com/2016/12/home-automation-arduino.html Learn all about BluetoothModule HC-05: Make your own HomeAutomation App: Learn All about Relays: […]

Bluetooth HC-05 with Arduino | RoboShala Hindi

In this tutorial, you will learn about the Bluetooth module HC-05 with Arduino. Here,you will get step by step tutorial on HC-05. Buy Bluetooth HC-05 : http://fkrt.it/mX2la!NNNN ( It is an affiliate link , if you buy through this link , it will add me some money to support my Channel) You can get the […]