Electronic Basics #4: Arduino+Bluetooth+Android=Awesome

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Adding bluetooth to your arduino project is simple and super awesome. I will show you how to control your gadgets with your android smartphone.

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Arduino HC-06 Bluetooth Module for Electronics Projects

Trying out one of the HC-06 Bluetooth modules I bought from eBay some time ago.
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They are different from the HC-05 in that they cannot work in master mode- only slave mode.

I found a few sites and docs before I tried this test which I link to in the captions. They made it completely painless to interface the Bluetooth with my Arduino projects. Super cheap and effective communication. I couldn’t be happier with them.

Excellent PDF tutorial I found here:

Default Password for the HC-05 and HC-06 modules is 1234.

Leave a comment in the Forum below if you are building a bluetooth project or post a video response. I love hearing about or seeing videos of your projects!


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