Arduino Digital Clock with LCD and Bluetooth Modules

lcd.print(“Hello Youtube!!!”);

Hey Guys! As you can probably guess from the above sentence, this is my first YouTube video. I bought my first Arduino board an year ago ago and since then I’ve played with various Sensors and Modules and built numerous small scale projects.

I built this clock a while ago to replace my analog clock whose continuous ticking was driving me mad. Since power cut happen frequently here, I had no choice but to deploy some instrument which would set time without all the wire hassle; hence the Bluetooth module.

I’m open to suggestions regarding this project. Cheers!


Controlling Servo Motor with Bluetooth using Arduino and Android

Hello! This tutorial shows you how to control a servo motor via the HC-06 bluetooth device for Arduino. Code can be found on my website:


Arduino + Modulo de sonido Bluetooth (Arduino + Bluetooth Stereo Module XS-3868 )

Toda la informacion, codigos y librerias para este proyecto la pueden encontrar en nuestro Bolg en el link de aca abajo.

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Android Controlled Arduino Bluetooth Car | Electronics Project

How to control an Arduino controlled vehicle with Android. You can control a car using your smartphone. Although this is a science project (you can also call it an ardunio project or electronic project) you can make for your school project or college project.

Let’s look at the components you required to build this project yourself:

Arduino Uno R3: |
Bluetooth Module: |
Motor Shield: |
DC Geared Motor: |
Chassis + Motor + Clamp: |
Jumper wires: |

or you can select a perfect kit from these kits:

Arduino Program and APK files: (check attachment)

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This project is made by Vivek Verma and required support is provided by Dr. Yogendra Pal.


Control you next Arduino project using Bluetooth with the HC-06 – Tutorial

Let’s see how to connect and use the HC-06 Bluetooth module with the ArduDroid app to control some LEDs and get information In and Out of an Arduino.

Check out our tutorials page at : to get the schematic and more information on this tutorial.


Arduino #15 Bluetooth Tutorial – Easy Wireless for your Robots Android

In the 15th Arduino Tutorial we will be connecting to our module via Bluetooth. this connection is fairly simple and will be done through either iOS or Android from an application which is already available in either store. You will learn how to dim an LED, toggle your digital outputs and expand your knowledge of wireless connectivity.

Relevant Tutorials:

Relevant Links:
1. Android App:

– To establish a Bluetooth Connection to the HC-06 Module
– To send data to the Arduino which will change the brightness of an RGB LED.

Hardware Required:
– Bluetooth Module (HC-06 or HC-05)
– Arduino
– Jumper Cables
– Breadboard
– Resistors (220 ohm)

Optional Hardware:
– Resistors for voltage devider (10k x 3)

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Arduino Tutorial: Bluetooth HC-06 module tutorial on with Arduino Uno and Android App

Arduino Tutorial: Bluetooth HC-06 module tutorial on with Arduino Uno and Android App

Dear friends and subscribers of this channel, we learn how to connect a Bluetooth module to our Arduino Projects and how to control them by an Android application. We learn this by a step-by-step procedure. The steps required are very easy.

The Bluetooth module is really cheap. It costs around 5$ and you can get it from the links below. Also we are going to need a level convertor in order to convert the 5V levels to 3.3V levels that the Bluetooth module requires.


1. Bluetooth Module:

2. Level Converter:

3. Arduino Uno:

4. LED:

5. Large Breadboard:

6. Wires:

Full disclosure: All of the links above are affiliate links. I get a small percentage of each sale they generate. Thank you for your support!


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Physics Experiments Puzzle Game

You can download my latest Android Game which is called Incredible Physics Experiments here:


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