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Alternative to the Raspberry Pi 3

The Tinker Board. A more powerful alternative to the raspberry p. Made by ASUS. This thing looks badass source 7 Raspberry Pi Alternate options Besides Asus Tinker Board: Speedier, More cost-effective, Incredible Raspberry Pi, the debit card-sized computer and the pride of the English people, has a strong contender originating from some other sea-coast – […]

YouPiCast: Chromecast alternative using Raspberry Pi

A simple mod to change your raspberry pi into a chromecast alternative. Want to know how I created this? Git hub – https://github.com/rajeshpanda/YouPiCast Part-1 http://blog.rajeshpanda.in/2016/12/you-pi-cast.html Part-2 http://blog.rajeshpanda.in/2016/12/you-pi-cast-2.html source 7 Raspberry Pi Alternatives Instead Of Asus Tinker Board: Speedier, Lower priced, Brilliant Raspberry Pi, the credit card-sized computer and the pride of the English folks, has […]

pyLoad Installation Raspberry Pi | JDownloader alternative

► TERMINAL GRUNDLAGEN • PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1F5NmoA ► Mehr WISSEN auf http://loopy-linux.de ► Folge den Pinguinen: http://bit.ly/1ANcZFw ········································­········································­···· « pyLoad Installation Raspberry Pi | JDownloader alternative » • https://loopy-linux.de/pyload-unter-raspian-debian/ Im laufe des heutigen Tages habe ich ein Hilfe-Video für euch kreiert, für diejenigen unter euch die sich immer noch mit der Installation von pyLoad auf der […]

ODROID-U3 Community Edition | $59 Raspberry Pi Alternative

With performance up to 16x faster than the Raspberry Pi at about twice the price, this is an excellent purchase. source 7 Raspberry Pi Substitutes In Addition To Asus Tinker Board: Faster, Better value, Great Raspberry Pi, the debit card-sized PC and the pride of the British folks, has a strong opponent originating from one […]

TrueCrypt Alternatives, Raspberry Pi FAX, FiiO EX1 Earbuds vs. PURO IEM 500, Find Win10 Product Key!

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