Arduino – BLUETOOTH & ANDROID PIR ALARM with call and sms Functions!

Hello world! Today i made a android app that communicates with a arduino using the HC-06 Bluetooth module for a PIR Motion sensor GSM Alarm. You can set 1 phonenumber to the DATABASE that needs to be called when movement is detected. When movement is detected it will call you and you can listen what is happening in your home, If you missed the call you can send a SMS with the command “Call me” (it is case sensitive, so use capital C). You can also send a SMS command with “Disconnect” and the bluetooth module will disconnect. For the Schematic, Arduino Code, Android APP & Parts list follow the next link:

NOTE: You need to take a few steps for the APP to operate properly and you need to connect the Phone to a Charger.

Follow these next steps on your Android phone.
1: Settings, go to call, extra settings, turn off proximity sensor.
(Turns off screen during calls when on, and we want the screen to be on)

2: Settings, Location & security, setup screen lock to none.

3: Settings, Applications, development, turn on standby or might be named stay awake on your phone
(keeps screen on during Charging)

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Arduino Code: Bluetooth module HC-05 AT Setup Mode

Arduino: Bluetooth module HC-05 AT Mode setup

Used for setting up your modules Name, Password, Mode ect


Schematic image:

Arduino Code:

AT Command Documentation:

Some other AT commands:

AT+ADDR? (Bluetooth address)
AT+VERSION? (Soft version)

AT+NAME? (Display current name of device)
AT+NAME=wtvr-u-want (Set device name to wtvr-u-want)

AT+PSWD? (Display current password) (Default: 1234 or 0000)
AT+PSWD=wtvr-u-want (Set password to wtvr-u-want)

AT+RESET (Reset BT module)
AT+ORGL (Restore default settings)

AT+INIT (Exit AT Mode)

More can be found here:
or search for ‘HT-05 AT Commands’


How to setup your HT-05 to operate as a Bluetooth communication device:


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