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A Tutorial on how to watch live football, tv and other sports on OSMC for your Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the finest projects you could try with the small computer

Got a Raspberry Pi 3? There are 20 wonderful projects to get started on!

The Raspberry Pi 3 is just about the ideal starting points for utilizing coding. Whether you’re a first-timer with Python or a technology vet, this tiny computer is a fantastically flexible machine.

It’s something of an understatement to say that there’s plenty you’re able to do with the Raspberry Pi 3. After the first Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012, persons have been putting it to work on projects ranging from the sensible to the outrageous. Prefer to write your game applications? Take a look. Would like to make a smart media centre for your Television? Take a look. Like to breathe life into a regular children’s toy? Check.

Right here we already have picked 20 rewarding projects to sink your teeth into – covering anything from the painless to the tricky. These will likewise work for those who have a Raspberry Pi 2, while they might be a a tad bit more difficult if you’ve got the previous Raspberry Pi or the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The 20 greatest Raspberry Pi projects

1. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a Kodi streamer

Kodi is among the most important streaming platforms to select from, letting you experience local and online content on anything ranging from your smart phone to an Amazon Fire Television Stick(How-to tutorial: Oh, and it’s available as well on the Raspberry Pi 2. If you want to enjoy the advantages of Kodi, the Raspberry Pi 2 is more than powerful enough, and the installation of the streaming program is truly clear-cut also (

2. Raspberry Pi projects: Write your personal game

3. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a GameBoy
No, very seriously. It’s a legal and do-able project for the more advanced user. With regards to the actual coding, it’s not actually the most difficult – you’re in a nutshell adding an emulator on your Raspberry Pi. The tough work happens in the sort of soldering the various pieces with each other.

Travis Brown at XodusTech ( has produced a thorough document of precisely how he brought his Game Boy back to reality using a Raspberry Pi. The best thing about creating a Pi-Pocket – as he calls it – is that you will not be tied to playing only GameBoy games; the Pi-Pocket can be capable of playing NES, Sega Master System and even Game Gear titles, in addition to famous Linux-based games for example , Doom and Duke Nukem.

4. Raspberry Pi projects: Make an Artificial Intelligence assistant
5. Raspberry Pi projects: Home Arcade Box
6. Raspberry Pi projects: Media centre for your Television

7. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a wireless extender
Practically nothing illustrates the versatility of a Raspberry Pi quite like this project (besides the GameBoy directly below). With a USB Wi-Fi dongle, a micro sd card and the Raspberry Pi itself, you improve the reach of your wireless signal.

Guy Eastwood has created the excellent Pi-Point web site (, which takes you through all you should be aware of this project. Check the page to uncover in-depth documentation and 100 % free downloadable graphics to assist you.

8. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a download hub
9. Raspberry Pi projects: Make a dedicated Minecraft machine
10. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a camera trap
11. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a case
12. Raspberry Pi projects: Control your stereo wirelessly
13. Raspberry Pi projects: Produce your individual cloud server
14. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a cellphone
15. Raspberry Pi projects: Create your unique PiRate radio station
16. Raspberry Pi projects: Build a intelligent beer fridge
17. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a PiCam
18. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a talking toy
19. Raspberry Pi projects: Create a bitcoin mining device
20. Raspberry Pi projects: A teeny arcade case

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7 Raspberry Pi Substitutes Instead Of Asus Tinker Board: Speedier, More cost-effective, Fabulous

Raspberry Pi, the bank card-sized computer and the pride of the English folks, has a robust rival from some other coast – the pride of the Taiwanese folks, Tinker Board. Even though it has equivalent improvements near to Raspberry Pi, it will be introduced with superior specifications but at a much steeper price when compared to Pi. Yet, the Tinker Board isn’t the only opponent for the favored mini computer among enthusiasts; turns out, there are actually at the very least seven more.

Better value Or Speedier Alternative Options To Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the well-known go-to single board computer for enjoyable programming and practical projects. But nevertheless , in advance of purchasing one, it can be high-time to look into its contenders, which are faster, greater, or possibly better value, ZD Net revealed.

VoCore 2. It is the upgraded version of Linux and it is open-source. This additionally only costs $15 and is suitable for projects like constructing custom router or IoT.

VoCore2: $4 Coin-sized Linux Computer or A Micro Router on Sterroids

C.H.I.P. it is additionally really bargain-priced at $9 an item. It’s the proof of how low-priced computer is currently. It offers 1.0GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB Storage space, and has built-in Wireless bluetooth and WiFi.

$9 CHIP Computer Review:

Banana Pi M3. It provides 2GB of RAM and has Octa-core processor. With the ability to work on an assortment of other Operating system for example Ubuntu, Android OS, Raspbian, even more.

Banana Pi M3 Review:

Parallella. It is another visa or mastercard-sized computer but is founded on Adapteva’s Epiphany multi-core chips. It can be used three-ways: a standalone computer, a element in a parallel server cluster, or as an embedded device.

Parallella For Newbies:

PixelPro. This has the Freescale i.MX6Q Soc Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9 that runs up to 1GHz. It’s very ideal for running multimedia applications of very rich quality thanks to the 2GB 64-bit DDR3 RAM embedded in it. It is marketed at $129.95 per piece but you will receive plenty of power for what you’re spending money on.

4 Micro Single-Board Computers:

Udoo Quad. This $135 PCBA board can easily run both Android and Linux. In addition, it features the identical quad-core as Pixel Pro but it’s really more and is higher priced too. Yet, it will be worth every penny due to the power it has on the inside.

Arduino INDUSTRIAL 101. This is a $40 PCBA board that you can use either for industrial or commercial. It runs using Atheros AR9331 processor chip and includes 64MB of RAM.

Arduino 101 Explained:

The Performance Of The Tinker Board

The Tinker Board has specifications that put it face to face versus the ruling Raspberry Pi, The Verge revealed. It possesses a quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A17 Processor and 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. In addition, it provides 4 USB 2.0 ports and it delivers support for gigabit LAN as well as Wireless bluetooth 4.0.

On top of that, the Tinker Board provides 3.5millimeter audio jack, microSD slot, along with a Micro USB for power. It can even be swapped with the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi antennas and it carries an HDMI 2.0 port allowing for for 4K video.

But nevertheless , despite the 4K support, the Tinker Board is not able to support 4K Netflix streaming, which suggests it isn’t appropriate for the people who are wishing to build their personal media center. However, it gives buyers an upgraded 3D performance and has the capacity to successfully carry out H.264 or H.265 encoded data files.