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Main Features:
– Heart Rate Monitor
Real-time monitor your heart rate, you can know your heartbeat condition at any time
– Sleep Monitor
Monitor your sleep time and quality, keep a beautiful skin state
– Sports Track
Record sports steps, distance, calories burned, etc. data, which lets you insist on sports every day
– Call Remind
Remind you with vibration in time even in a noisy environment
– BLE 4.2
With strong Bluetooth chip, the wristband can measure the data more accurately, low-power consumption
– About Compatibility Descriptions
Remote camera function:
Support iOS 8.0 / Android 4.4 smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2, based on the original software, but not necessarily compatible with other romantic photo software
Music player function:
Support iOS 8.0 / Android 4.4 smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2, and native music player, including:
Support the native music players conforming to the Google specifications
Built-in music player of iOS os smartphones can just play downloaded music which has been added from iTunes
Compatible smartphones like:
iOS os: for iPhone 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 / 6 Plus
Android os:
for HUAWEI Mate / P9 / Glory 3C / Glory 3X / Glory 6 / Glory PE-TL20, Samsung Galaxy E7 / Note 3, MEIZU MX5 / metal / PRO 6 / note2, Xiaomi Mi 2/ Mi 2A / Mi 5 / Mi Note, ZTE V5 / Nubia Z7 / Nubia NX513J, Letv 1S, Lenovo K50-t5

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Lenovo HW01 Unboxing, Features Overview And First Impressions | Intellect Digest

Lenovo HW01 Unboxing, Features Overview And First Impressions | Intellect Digest

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Comparison of Budget Fitness Bands: Mi Band 2, Lenovo Hw01 & Honor Band 3

Links to buy the bands (in India):
Honor Band 3: https://goo.gl/y1xj69
Lenovo Band 2: https://goo.gl/Sybgrx
Mi Band 2: https://goo.gl/DDYVWw

In this video, the 3 best budget bands : Honor band 3, Mi band 2 & Lenovo band HW01 are compared based on the build quality, display, features & price.
Thanks for watching! Let me know which band is your favorite as comment below.
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Thanks to Abhishek and Ishaan for lending me their fitness bands for this comparison.

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Lenovo HW01, mi nueva pulsera cuantificadora de 21€ | Review en español

Bienvenidos de nuevo a ERdC !!!

Link desde IGOGO: https://goo.gl/XRAjQC

Una de las mejores pulseras cuantificadoras que ha pasado por el canal, es la Lenovo HW01.

Es compatible con Android (4.3+) y también con IOS (7.1+) contando con IP65 con la que te podrás duchar con ella tranquilamente. Te contará tu actividad diaria: pasos, kcal, sueño, distancias… e incluso hará de mando para controlar tu música o sacar fotos con tu smartphone.

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Fake Heart Rate Scanner of Lenovo HW01 Smart Band

Hey guys in this video I have shown that the heart rate scanner of Lenovo HW01 is totally fake.The 1st thing is that it scans all non-living things.The 2nd most important thing is that when I tested the heart rate scanner of the watch for 60-70 times after a lot of workout my heart rate was hardly coming more that 100bpm only 6-7 times.If you have Lenovo HW01 smart band must test it in the way which I explained in the video and description.Please comment regarding your doubts.So,thanks for watching my video and please like and subscribe!


Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Vs Lenovo HW01 फिटनेस बैंड की तुलना

Okay guys here is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Lenovo HW01 fitness band comparison. I have already done review of both these fitness devices and now in this article I have compared the bands so you will know which one is the best.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Vs Lenovo HW01 design

Both fitness devices looks different, built and finishing is very good. Lenovo looks more classy but Band 2 is a little slimmer. Both fitness bands come with dedicated touch sensitive button. The button is visible on Mi Band 2 but not on Lenovo HW01.

The strap on the Mi Band 2 is hard compared with Lenovo HW01 – Lenovo fitness band strap is soft. Mi Band 2 is different you can remove the tracker / change the strap when needed. Also to charge Mi Band 2 you need to remove tracker and use the charging adapter.

On the Lenovo HW01 there is no such option. For charging the band there is micro USB port directly built in, just use the cable and charge. The issue on HW01 is that the strap is part of the body. This fitness band is available in full black and full red color options.

Mi Band 2 vs Lenovo HW01

0.42″ OLED | 0.91″ OLED
Bluetooth 4 | Bluetooth 4.2
IP67 | IP65
70 mAh battery | 90 mAh battery

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Vs Lenovo HW01 performance

Both bands gave consistent results, they can monitor your physical activities and can continuously monitor heart rate via app. Battery life is almost same, around 15 days. Specs are better on the Lenovo HW01 and the only issue is the strap that is part of the body, if it gets damaged you cannot change it, though the strap is of a good quality and should last for many years.

Also note both these fitness band display is not at all visible under direct sunlight.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is available for Rs. 1,999
Lenovo HW01 is available for $25.

Mi Band 2 review https://youtu.be/K3te7yik6a8

Lenovo HW01 review https://youtu.be/YFRb87oGiTI


Lenovo HW01 SmartBand (India) Unboxing & Full Review- Worth it?

The all new Lenovo HW01 Smart Band (buy: http://fkrt.it/TZmGwTuuuN) is a stylish, light weight, rugged & feature rich fitness band with 1,999 Rs ~ $30 price tag ($25 in China). So it’s a direct competitor to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (same price). Is this new HW01 really worth it? Should you buy it? Let’s find out!

Buy from Flipkart: http://fkrt.it/TZmGwTuuuN


Lenovo Budget Smart Band Review & Compared with Mi Band 2

Lenovo HW01 budget smart fitness band with HR review and comparison with xiaomi Mi Band 2 the Lenovo Band also has a display to show you the time, pedometer, HR and I share my experience with the Lenovo HW01 in this review.

Unboxing & Overview of the Lenovo Band on my Hindi Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0h79WfCVUM

Lenovo HW01 Smart Fitness Band is sold in India via flipkart https://goo.gl/Ua1RRo

My Mi Band 2 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf7uwqgIqmk


Lenovo HW01 Smart Sport Wristband: Unboxing and Review

Special Geekbuying Smartwatch Promotion: http://promotion.geekbuying.com/promotion/fan_festival_wearables
Buying link for HW01: http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Lenovo-HW01-Bluetooth-4-2-Smart-Wristband-Black-376656.html
Black Friday sale is online https://goo.gl/pcpUKc.
and here are the coupons.
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– Promotion period: 22nd Nov 08:00 (UTC) till 29th Nov 08:00 (UTC)
This device has been provided by Geekbuying for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Geekbuying for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this HW01 Smart Sport Wristband, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

This looks and acts like a typical smart fitness band, but it offers a new unique feature we will soon start seeing throughout the marketplace, and that’s why it is getting a review today on a smartwatch YouTube channel. That feature is the ability to identify when your heart rate reading exceeds a threshold that you set and notify you via vibration in the band. This allows you to train up into your optimal heart rate zone with feedback from your watch.

When you explore the associated phone app in detail, you will see that the app and band paired together can assess your movement and heart rate information and track how much time you are spending walking, running, and even the time you are in aerobic exercise.

It is a simple device to use with easy tethering to the Lenovo Smart Bracelet app which I would suggest you download from the Google Play Store right now to check out it’s features (there’s an iOS version for iPhones as well).


Warning: Don’t Buy the Lenovo HW01 Smart Fitness Band

A Important update regarding the Lenovo HW01 budget smart fitness band that is sold in India via Flipkart and if you already own one don’t update the band or the app.

My tweet regarding the issue https://twitter.com/geekyranjit/status/891881664908902401

This Lenovo HW01 Smart Fitness Band is sold in India via flipkart https://goo.gl/Ua1RRo