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N64 & PSX Emulator Performance Raspberry Pi 2 – RecalboxOS – Tekken 3, Mario Kart 64

Zur Anleitung: Der Raspberry Pi 2 ist auf 1,05 GHz übertaktet. RecalboxOS Version 3.2.11 source 7 Raspberry Pi Alternatives Apart From Asus Tinker Board: Faster, Better value, Amazing Raspberry Pi, the charge card-sized computer and the pride of the English persons, has a strong rival coming from some other coastline – the pride of […]

VPN par tunnel SSH : une alternative viable aux abonnements VPNs hors de prix

Vous aimeriez bien sécuriser vos échanges quand vous partez en voyage, mais sans vous ruiner en payant un abonnement VPN ? Cette vidéo est faite pour vous : vous y découvrirez comment mettre en place et utiliser facilement un tunnel SSH. Tout ce dont vous aurez besoin est un serveur linux (VPS, serveur dédié,…) ou […]

Raspberry Pi 3 – Media Centre + Chromium setup

Using the RPi3 as a Media Centre with Chromium Browser on Raspbian OS for the best of both worlds – watch Videos online or via KODI Media Centre. Control the Pi with your smartphone, tablet or with a game controller (bluetooth) If you would like to do something similar – here are all the things […]

Orange Pi Plus 2e first look test on Android – alternative for Raspberry Pi

How to install the best Android + KODI image for Orange Pi PLUS install on EMMC Flash ►◄ How to install Android on the Orange Pi here PC►◄ The best ANDROID with KODI for Orange Pi PLUS install on EMMC Flash ►◄ Orange Pi Plus 2e first look test on Android – alternative for Raspberry […]

Playing the Imperial March from Star Wars on Raspberry Pi with Piezo Buzzer

In this tutorial you will learn how to connect piezo buzzers to Raspberry Pi and to play the Dart Vader’s theme on it. I am using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. You can do it with any model or version of Raspberry Pi. The source code is written in the C programming language. It has […]

FREE Dropbox Alternatives, Hak5 1714

Open Source Cloud Sharing with Pulse (previously SyncThing). Why pay for Dropbox when you could sync it yourself? Shannon Morse checks out this awesome cross-platform cloud sharing app. All that and more, this time on Hak5. Pulse (previously SyncThing) is an open source, open protocol, file synchronization program. Data is stored only on your […]

Raspberry PI running Xbian 0.6.2 (Raspbmc and OpenELEC alternative)

Raspberry PI running Xbian 0.6.2 with Refocus skin. Pretty good XBMC performance and responsiveness. It gives more stability and speed than Raspbmc — Raspberry PI z zainstalowanym Xbian 0.6.2 i włłłączoną skórką Refocus. Całkiem niezła wydajność i responsywność XBMC. Działa stabilniej i szybciej od Raspbmc source 7 Raspberry Pi Alternatives Except For Asus Tinker Board: […]

Evoke 2012 – Alternative Platform Compo – Avocado – Raspberry Pi (Live footage)

Evoke 2012 – Alternative Platform Compo – Avocado by Gasman & ihatemornings [Raspberry Pi] source 7 Raspberry Pi Substitutes Other Than Asus Tinker Board: Speedier, More cost-effective, Fantastic Raspberry Pi, the visa card-sized computer and the pride of the British persons, has a strong challenger from another shoreline – the pride of the Taiwanese persons, […]

Foolish Tech Show (Raspberry Alternatives Talks)

On this episode we go over some of the alternatives to Raspberry Pi and ups/downs of them. Raspberry Pi: Home Banana Pi: Banana Pi M2 Quad-Core Board with 2dB WIFI antenna Another Alternative: 64 Bit Pi Clone: First 9 Computer: What is a Cortex a53: RockOS for the Pi: The Rokos Core […]

Top 5: Password alternatives, Raspberry Pi in space, and more

Top 5 articles of the week: April 6 – 10, 2015 #5. Students compete for a chance to have their Raspberry Pi code run in space #4. Networking in the cloud is changing #3. A better Internet of Things through open source culture #2. 4 new tools for scholarly research #1. […]