Reliable Wifi Smart Outlet Maker on Alibaba

Reliable Wifi Smart Outlet Maker on Alibaba


Shenzhen AvatarControls Co., Limited is devoted to Alexa-enabled devices and smart voice-control product technology R&D, similar to wifi electric socket, and provides innovative smart voice control products and solutions for smart residence.

Set up in Sept. 2015, AvatarControls is a technology inventive enterprise engaged in internet smart product’s individual development and research. Originally, AvatarControls has a mature R&D team incorporating offshore returnees, industrial designers, electronic technical engineers, software engineers and other personnel, and the core team has at least 5 yrs development experience in smart voice semantic field.

Our staff targets on IIPR, at this moment, we have obtained a number of practical and progressive invention patents. Diverse products have been available for sale, similar to Alexa voice assistance smart speaker A1, smart products which interact with Alexa( smart wifi outlet, smart light bulb, Aroma humidifier lights etc .), and also stand-alone voice control product line. We aim to build innovative smart interaction experience and deliver very simple lifestyle by voice.

Company motto: Intelligence makes life more simple!

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Addr.: #1002, Satellite Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 518000
Telphone:+86-755-86966292ext. 818
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Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00


Wellcore – Bluetooth LE Beacon and SSD Maker In Shenzhen China

Wellcore Bluetooth LE Beacon and SSD Maker In Shenzhen China


Set up in 2006, Wellcore is a hi-tech  Solid State Drive and BLE beacon producer which has the capacity of R&D and facility situated in Shenzhen China.

Centering on the enterprise, industrial, aerospace and defense markets, provide industrial embedded storage devices and relevant technical services. Covering an area of at least 1,2000 sq . meters, We engaged over 150 staff and 5 technicians. Our firm owns 3 production lines and 2 high-speed auto-SMT machines. Our monthly capacity gets to 30,000 pieces. All our items are CE, FCC, and ROHS certified. Since our founding, we’ve advanced in technology development, manufacturing, marketing, and support.

SSD Quality is extremely important in regards to industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products. That’s why Wellcore SSD produce all of our products in our own purpose-built SSD production facility. besides, we designed and constructed our production line to maximize manufacturing capability and guarantee the top quality of our products.

Wellcore SSD centered on military and industrial grade SSD. Its most significant strength is based on our practical knowledge in SSD products and clients’ application in these years, and we have entire expertise to help and support customers from different industries.

Bluetooth beacon is a second item which Wellcore make, we have hardware and software engineers who’re very specialist in Android and iOS mobile app development, with over 50 skilled workers in the manufacturing area produce proximity beacon at high speed so that we can make sure clients will get the products in a timely manner, Our QC staff and engineers will carry out the testing process before the products shipped in order to make certain every single beacon works properly, all our Bluetooth LE beacon items are FCC,CE and RoHS certified.

“Quality First, Customer Important, Service Uppermost!” is our guidelines. with sincerity, creativity, satisfaction, and improvement as our final goal, we always work to provide excellent service and develop latest outstanding items for our customers throughout the world.

We have now developed business association with quite a lot of purchasers from the United States, the EUROPEAN UNION, Australia, Asia and South Africa. Right now, we are eager for even deeper cooperation with abroad customers based upon mutual benefits. Additionally, furthermore, we welcome retailers to get in contact for product distribution.

So in the event that you’re serious about any of our items, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Any inquiries will be treasured.


R&D Capacity

Our R&D staff includes qualified employees with comprehensive supportive experience of their industry. They are loaded with excellent Research and Design gear to confirm a high standard of output.

The product quality and creativity have been the real key to our triumph. Luckystar has highly followed Quality and Environmental Management Systems such as ISO9000, ISO14001, CE, CCC, and RoHS.

Our dependable Design Center, R&D house, mould processing plant and assembly plant that ensure us to efficiently cope with large production order every month.


Analysis of Elephone P9000 Handset

Analysis of Elephone P9000 Handset


Android 6.0
Exceptional display
Speedy & wire less charging

Negative aspects

Fingerprint scanner actually isn’t tried and tested
Camera smartphone app does need work

What Is The ELEPHONE P9000?

The P9000 is the most recently released Android-OS-dependent smart phone from Chinese company Elephone, which is certainly winning a decent credibility for its low cost while content mobile tech.

It features a 5.5-in LG-crafted LCD screen, a exact Octa-core MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of inbuilt storage, easy charging, wireless charging, NFC element, a Sony-produced 13-megapixel camera and a finger print sensor on the back.

The Elephone additionally works with Android 6.0, the most innovative version of Google’s operating-system. Irrespective of all these stunning specifications, it expenses no more than $200.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Design and style AND BUILD Quality

Elephone’s previous endeavours are actually a touch unpredictable with regards to general build as well as design and style.

The Elephone M2 seemed and felt like a world-class handset but provided middle-range overall performance, For the P9000, however, this company now tends to have hit the ultimate balance among power and style.
The P9000 adheres to the most recent craze in the Android area for metal-body phones, showcasing a metallic chassis which is supported by a plastic panel.

Throughout the perimeters of the mobile one can find a nuanced chamfered effects, and also the basic buttons and inputs. On the right-hand aspect lay the power key and volume button, at the same time on the other side there is a control which may be configured to be a one-press quick way to open just about any software you would like. Easily, a long-touch of this button also applies the smartphone directly into noiseless mode, not totally distinct from the “mute” button found on iPhone units.

Over the smartphone you will discover the everywhere 3.5millimeter headset port, while on the base situated the reversible USB Type-C data plus charging outlet – a future-proof function which even the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t integrate. Flanking this vent are a pair of grilles, one living a loudspeaker, the second the in-call microphone.

Turning the P9000 around unearths a plastic rear end panel, which uses a texture which takes some getting used to. It’s just a matte-effect exterior, which in the beginning seems as if it ought to be soft – but nonetheless , it isn’t; to detail it as very fine-grain sand paper wouldn’t be a million miles from the truth. I actually quite like it since it increases grip, but it also picks up marks and scratches a little too easily.

Upon the backside there’s the Sony-made 21-megapixel snapper – complete with LED flash and laser auto-focus – and the finger marks reader.
Dual-SIM feature is a mainstay of the Chinese mobile industry, and the P9000 delivers support for a couple of micro-SIM cards.

Even so, in the event that you would rather maximize your available memory space you can use one of the SIM slots for a sd card, appropriately augmenting the quantity of available space for snapshots, audio along with other data.

Finger print readers are getting to be rather normal on limited budget Android handsets – the Elephone Vowney as well as Elephone M2 each had one – but it is evident that firms such as Elephone might be attempting to utilize the tech as successfully as their greater opponents.

The scanner on the P9000 normally requires a 2nd or even 3rd press to submit your fingerprint and so unlock the handset, but in any case it can be used to wake the cell phone even if the display screen is turned off. It’s also possible to utilize it to confirm payment activity on the Google Play Store, thanks to the fact that the cell phone has Android 6.0 installed; when Android Pay arrives at Britain, you can actually team it up with the NFC chip to make contact-less payments in shops.


Elephone with pride claims that the P9000 has a 5.5″ Full HD, LG LTPS LCD on the device’s Apple-like plastic material packing, and it has good reason to scream about it – this display screen is entirely superior, even by upper-tier criteria.

Colors are exceedingly punchy, contrast is first-rate and viewing angles are rock-solid. When the adaptive brightness configuration is allowed, things can get some dark, but nonetheless , at mid-to-full brightness this display screen really sings. You can see in direct sunshine, also.
The manufacturer is also eager to indicate that the smartphone has astonishingly slender bezels – 1.6mm, the reality is – on the left and right sides of the screen, which make certain that it is not much too large, even for a phablet-type mobile handset. It is rather large in the palm, but it clearly feels simpler to handle than some of its sizeable-screen opponents. In truth, placed beside the Galaxy S7 – which contains a 5.1-in. display screen – the P9000 is simply slightly taller.

Like older Elephone devices, the P9000 is sold with touchscreen gesture commands that allow you to launch applications despite the fact that screen is shut off.

By way of example, doing a trace for a “C” form on the asleep display screen will easily start up the camera. All these shortcuts are straightforward enough to remember and have the opportunity to be certainly advantageous – provided you don’t use some kind of screen-locking protection. Doing it means even when you input the gesture, you need to un-lock your handset to visit the mobile application, what sort of surpasses the goal. Even so, it’s clean even so.

Photive BTH3 Review

Photive BTH3 Review


Quality Of Sound

The Photive BTH3 and BTX6 work with 40 mm drivers, though listening for a few seconds causes it to be clear that these do not utilize the same exact 40 mm drivers. The sonic signature of every single pair of headphones is a whole lot distinctive from one other, and is very much aimed toward various kinds of customers.

In examining the BTH3 I listened to both a mobile phone (a Motorola Moto X) connected via Bluetooth, and to lossless FLAC audio files and CDs using the 3.5 mm audio cable, plugged into a laptop computer via a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface. Usually, I enjoyed music of all kinds of genres, and also a couple of podcasts and an audiobook.


The highs are crystal-clear and sharp, just about to a fault. The highs are not highly highlighted, but there’s a crisp sort of sizzle to the highs which isn’t often evident, however , was notable on quite a few music.


The mids are clean and crystal clear, with no slightly boxy sound which is so present in single-driver headsets in this price range. It comes with an apparent small boost near the 1 kHz range, which is most likely there to present vocals a slight boost. It is minor enough to not be annoying, and doesn’t in a wrong way affect the sound.

As opposed to the Photive BTX6 headsets and their X-Bass branding, the bass isn’t overwhelming or greatly emphasized in the BTH3. It is not deficient or thin-sounding either – it’s simply not clearly boosted as with the BTX3. Bass response is a little bit on the slow side, so a minor lack of tight focus can show up in certain types of music, with fast metal or punk being the significant examples here.

Soundstage was shockingly impressive for closed-back earphones, even though using them via Bluetooth. I realize Bluetooth sound has made great progress , however this still thrilled me slightly. In most instances, it is a well-balanced and rather fine sounding pair of earphones, and I honestly favored the sound of the BTH3 to the pricier BTX6, despite the fact I’m uncertain that this thought will be shared.

Build & Design

As you can imagine, with the Photive BTH3 being the quite a bit cheaper of the two, these headsets are certainly not as elegant looking as the BTX6. Whether it is a poor thing is really your choice. They are not really an ugly pair of headphones, and while they don’t have the bold shape as well as far more style-focused design of the BTX6, they’re additionally not almost as weird looking. These are likewise on the leaner side, not like the huge BTX6.
This is a pretty cozy pair of headsets. It could lack the marginally puffier ear cushions of its more pricey cousin, but because these are also less heavy, too much cushioning isn’t actually vital. After round 2 hrs of usage, I really can feel that I was wearing headsets – these don’t disappear the manner more expensive headphones like Bose’s SoundTrues do – but they didn’t feel troublesome or specially not comfortable, even after that long. Possibly for the reason that they aren’t retractable, the BTH3 are more flexible than the BTX6 headsets. The ear cups rotate lots, and combined with the custom-fit headband, it’s very simple to find a decent fit with these headphones.

Do not be concerned about carrying these around with you either. While they are not collapsible, they include a hardshell case which isn’t all that much bigger than the earphones themselves, as a result you are going to be capable to quickly have them safeguarded. It’s nice to see, as we’ve discovered a whole lot more costly headsets offer only a soft case, or no case in any way.

Connectivity Choices

Pairing the Photive BTH3 headphones with the gadget of your liking is a pretty basic process. Even if these do not feature the hearable directions and tips that the BTX6 do, the blinking light to the side of the left ear cup is sufficient of a cue to make it easy to figure out that they automatically initiate broadcasting as soon as you turn them on. Strangely enough, this pair of headsets offers a dedicated power button and independent play/pause key, unlike the multi-function control key applied to a large number of earphones

Regarding buttons, the BTH3 headphones are rich in them. The left earcup holds the aforementioned play/pause button and furthermore the forward / skip and rewind / back control buttons. The right earcup carries the power key as well as special volume level control buttons. Back again, some individuals may perhaps hesitate at the sheer number of control buttons right here, but I think it is rejuvenating to have some much control in existence. Compared to other headphones, all the buttons performed properly with my Moto X through testing.