Bluetooth Technology Gadgets Producer from Shenzhen

Bluetooth Technology Gadgets Producer – Shenzhen Feasycom Technologies

Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Limited is a certified and progressively creative high-tech venture, we own skilled & brilliant R&D Team, mainly deal with the design, research and production of short distance communication’s solution. Being in this industry for more than A decade, we now have ample experience to offer the special tailored OEM /ODM Services(BTLE beacon manufacturers) to the customers throughout the world.

Our Bluetooth Products’ Application Areas include Internet of Things(IoT) , Mobile Internet, Auto Electronics , Healthcare, Smart Home, and many others. Our Wireless Bluetooth modules largely include the Bluetooth 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 versions. In an effort to have business dealings with many clientele from the planet, and work on a few different application environments, we have already rolled out the 4.0 BLE,4.0 Dual Mode, Class 2.1 Series Modules, most of them are employed on Bluetooth Data Transmission, Bluetooth Networking, Bluetooth Data +Audio Transmission.

Moreover, Our firm had presented the all-around wireless bluetooth solution for Bluetooth Barcode Scanning, Bluetooth Wireless router, TWS Speaker ,Smart Toy, for example. At this moment a lot of them are extensively put to use in many local and worldwide associations.

Continually place emphasis on providing the very best products and services, is the key point for us being conquer in wireless Bluetooth module industry on a regular basis. Proceed improving upon our innovation capacity always be the most important things of our corporation. In the foreseeable future, we will take advantage of our progressed & developed bluetooth module experience to release quite a few completely new Bluetooth Electronic Products in order to meet our clients’ expectations.

Our View:

Make Communication Quick
Our people are multi-disciplined, inspiring, talented, zealous and like to push the boundaries, always ready to present the most perfect goods and services to the clients both at home and offshore.

Our Spirit:

Exquisite Frontier Innovation Precise Practicality
Welcome each of the partners across the world, don’t hesitate to contact for creating a superb collaboration relationship with us, your pleasure will be our eventual objective!
Collaborating With Feasycom, Make Your Wireless Communication Quick And Freely!

Contact with Us

Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,Limited
Location: Room 2004, 20th Floor, Huichao Technology Building, Jinhai Road,Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518100, China.
Contact Tel: +86-755-2792-4639

View our product lines: bluetooth modules, china smart beacon producer, Lora modules, wifi modules, bluetooth development boards, etcetera.
on http://www.feasycom.netnet/products


Wireless Connectivity Solution Supplier Shenzhen Radioland Tech

Wireless Connectivity Solution Supplier Shenzhen Radioland Tech

Shenzhen Radioland Technology Co., Limited, established in the year 2013, is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of wireless connectivity solutions such as sub1GHz, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee,Wifi or anything else. these pre-certified RF modules, working in the license free ISM band of 2.4GHz MHz can be included in your application, it will help you to decrease the product development time cycle, saving costs for you. We now have grown to be one of the main vendors for low power ISM/SRD products in European Countries, America plus Southeast Asia.

Radioland’s product range includes premium quality, cheap and easy-to-integrate Radio Frequency modules and gizmos for operation in the license-free ISM/SRD frequency bands at 315 / 433 / 868 / 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz. We provide you with embedded radio transceivers, embedded radio modules, industrial radio modems, wireless metering adapters, wireless USB sticks, wireless bridges, antennas and customizable electronic solutions.

Wireless Technologies
Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, Wireless M-Bus (OMS), KNX-RF, WiFi/WLAN and proprietary solutions.

Our Product Line
NRF51822 Bluetooth beacon module, DA14580 module, CC2640 Bluetooth LE module, Zigbee module, and so forth.

Radioland RF products are utilized in an array of cable-free applications for example, logistics,wireless (smart) metering, sensor networks, ecological watching, access management, health care and even home/building automation.

Our Services:

1, Our pro team provides previous technical consultation services and support and the review of the project’s risk.

2, Partner with widely known chip makers(TI and Nordic), getting the front of product information and the most up-to-date technology to supply the most benefit of price support.

3, The core staff members are from China and abroad industry expert with rich practical knowledge, to provide you with special services of technical troubles in research for clientele.

4, Qualified professional development and research staff, has many years’ practical experience of RF module design and make, collected a great number of core technological innovations and production testing experience.

5, Allow customization based upon the needs of clients, provide design reference solution with various levels , aid customers to cut short the time to market

Reach Out to Us

China Shenzhen Radioland Technology CO.,LTD
Location: 5F, Block A2, ChenTian Hangcheng Industry Zone, XiXiang Town, Bao’an district, Shenzhen, P.R.C
Telephone Number: 0755-66621530
Facsimile: 0755-27806877


10 Suggested Marketing Beacon Manufacturer In/Outside China 2017

10 Suggested Marketing Beacon Manufacturer In/Outside China 2017

The quantity of Beacon makers is growing dramatically. We have accumulated an index of the 10 biggest producers that you need to have a look at whenever you are organizing a Bluetooth Beacon based app development project.

All of the hardware producers are 3rd parties and this is important to consider. Simply because Apple not long ago announced that makers will need a license to build BTLE Beacons for iOS devices. This license falls under the MFi Pogram and this signifies that Beacons that come with this license are compatible with iOS items.

1. BlueCats
BlueCats, is produced by the Australian firm Plus Location Systems. The cat-shaped BTLE Beacons have 2 AA batteries that are comfortably replaceable and the mounting plate makes it easy to hook them to the wall. The SDK and Data analysis equally sound very encouraging and this is truly one of the gamers to consider for the coming months.

2. BlueSense
BlueSense offers complete retail BLE Beacons plus integration kits. The integration kits can be interesting if you wish to place the Smart Beacons behind paintings for example. They’re still working on the SDK but you can already purchase the Proximity Beacons.

3. Estimote
Estimote is the number one and most well-known Bluetooth Beacon producer, at present more than 10.000 developer kits have already been distributed, we also have one of the kits in our Danish workspace.

However, there are some issues with the estimote Bluetooth Beacon, they are expanding rapidly and the anticipations are that they’ll end up being the leading Marketing Beacon producer.

4. Gelo
Gelo is the most reliable all-weather Marketing Beacon for sale at this moment. They already have some attention-grabbing projects with Beacons on their web site. They already have a working Gelo SDK compatible model but the Apple iBeacon compatible version will come about this summer.

5 Glimworm
Glimworm beacons are beautifully designed and can be relabeled and the code is open source. They’re already shipping their 3D printed Beacons. On the website they say that: ‘We are ordering our first 3000 injection molded glossy cases this month and be prepared to deliver in April’’ They are attempting to create some scale by offering packages of as many as 400 Beacons for $9,900.

6. Gimbal by Qualcomm
Qualcomm is the only large hardware enterprise which has opted to move into Beacon producing. The Gimbals range is 50 metres but the battery merely has a life time of 2 – 3 months. Gimbal Manager seems like a solid set of API’s and a web-based system for managing different functionalities. The only downfall to the Gimbal is the business model since you will need to pay a per-user fee. This can get fairly costly if you prefer to furnish a football stadium or museum with Smart Beacons.

7. Kontakt
Kontakt is the most liked if the people at Beekn a website fully committed to Marketing Beacons. The Marketing Beacons are beautifully designed and they can be custom made with your own brand name and color. They also have an extensive back-end and Content management system.

8. Sensorberg
Sensorberg manufacturers so-called smaller beacons that have a range of 30 metres. This can make them suited to areas where many Beacons must be placed in close proximity to each other such as a Super market. Sensorberg assures a real out of the box experience and it should only take you Five minutes to merge it into your existing app.

9. Sonic Notify
Sonic Notify is compatible with not only iOS7 phones due to the in conjunction with audio technology. This implies that 95% of the phones are proper for their Beacons.

10 MOKOSmart Beacon
Located in Shenzhen, China, MOKOSmart are devoted to white-label Smart Beacon The following is their so-called white-label solution. As stated, their beacons can also be rebranded .

Eddystone & iBeacon standards supported
One-stop private-label hardware solution
Capabilities: design + manufacturing
Vast application: marketing, indoor navigation & positioning, broadcast…
Greatly customizable: logo(brand name), features, app, etc

It is going to be exciting to observe who are going to be the number one device manufacturers and what their business model is going to be. Another prominent element to bear in mind is the MFi program this would influence the cost of beacons but also the quantity of producers.