SensoDuino: Configure and Transmit Sensor Data to Arduino Over Bluetooth

This video guide demonstrates how to pair and connect SensoDuino to an Arduino Uno or clone over Bluetooth using the HC-05 module or comparable Bluetooth module. It also explains the formats of the SensoDuino data being transmitted.

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Tutorial on Bluetooth module HC05 with Arduino | Voice commands

In this tutorial, you will learn how to control LEDs with the help of Voice commands. For that we are going to use an Arduino board, Bluetooth module HC05 & an Android !

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Control LEDs with Voice Command | Arduino-Bluetooth module tutorial

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Control LEDs with Voice Command | Arduino-Bluetooth module tutorial

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Arduino Bluetooth LED Controller with Android

Arduino Bluetooth LED Controller with Android

Material utilizado:

App Android utilizada:

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Control you next Arduino project using Bluetooth with the HC-06 – Tutorial

Let’s see how to connect and use the HC-06 Bluetooth module with the ArduDroid app to control some LEDs and get information In and Out of an Arduino.

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10 Suggested Marketing Beacon Manufacturer In/Outside China 2017

10 Suggested Marketing Beacon Manufacturer In/Outside China 2017

The quantity of Beacon makers is growing dramatically. We have accumulated an index of the 10 biggest producers that you need to have a look at whenever you are organizing a Bluetooth Beacon based app development project.

All of the hardware producers are 3rd parties and this is important to consider. Simply because Apple not long ago announced that makers will need a license to build BTLE Beacons for iOS devices. This license falls under the MFi Pogram and this signifies that Beacons that come with this license are compatible with iOS items.

1. BlueCats
BlueCats, is produced by the Australian firm Plus Location Systems. The cat-shaped BTLE Beacons have 2 AA batteries that are comfortably replaceable and the mounting plate makes it easy to hook them to the wall. The SDK and Data analysis equally sound very encouraging and this is truly one of the gamers to consider for the coming months.

2. BlueSense
BlueSense offers complete retail BLE Beacons plus integration kits. The integration kits can be interesting if you wish to place the Smart Beacons behind paintings for example. They’re still working on the SDK but you can already purchase the Proximity Beacons.

3. Estimote
Estimote is the number one and most well-known Bluetooth Beacon producer, at present more than 10.000 developer kits have already been distributed, we also have one of the kits in our Danish workspace.

However, there are some issues with the estimote Bluetooth Beacon, they are expanding rapidly and the anticipations are that they’ll end up being the leading Marketing Beacon producer.

4. Gelo
Gelo is the most reliable all-weather Marketing Beacon for sale at this moment. They already have some attention-grabbing projects with Beacons on their web site. They already have a working Gelo SDK compatible model but the Apple iBeacon compatible version will come about this summer.

5 Glimworm
Glimworm beacons are beautifully designed and can be relabeled and the code is open source. They’re already shipping their 3D printed Beacons. On the website they say that: ‘We are ordering our first 3000 injection molded glossy cases this month and be prepared to deliver in April’’ They are attempting to create some scale by offering packages of as many as 400 Beacons for $9,900.

6. Gimbal by Qualcomm
Qualcomm is the only large hardware enterprise which has opted to move into Beacon producing. The Gimbals range is 50 metres but the battery merely has a life time of 2 – 3 months. Gimbal Manager seems like a solid set of API’s and a web-based system for managing different functionalities. The only downfall to the Gimbal is the business model since you will need to pay a per-user fee. This can get fairly costly if you prefer to furnish a football stadium or museum with Smart Beacons.

7. Kontakt
Kontakt is the most liked if the people at Beekn a website fully committed to Marketing Beacons. The Marketing Beacons are beautifully designed and they can be custom made with your own brand name and color. They also have an extensive back-end and Content management system.

8. Sensorberg
Sensorberg manufacturers so-called smaller beacons that have a range of 30 metres. This can make them suited to areas where many Beacons must be placed in close proximity to each other such as a Super market. Sensorberg assures a real out of the box experience and it should only take you Five minutes to merge it into your existing app.

9. Sonic Notify
Sonic Notify is compatible with not only iOS7 phones due to the in conjunction with audio technology. This implies that 95% of the phones are proper for their Beacons.

10 MOKOSmart Beacon
Located in Shenzhen, China, MOKOSmart are devoted to white-label Smart Beacon The following is their so-called white-label solution. As stated, their beacons can also be rebranded .

Eddystone & iBeacon standards supported
One-stop private-label hardware solution
Capabilities: design + manufacturing
Vast application: marketing, indoor navigation & positioning, broadcast…
Greatly customizable: logo(brand name), features, app, etc

It is going to be exciting to observe who are going to be the number one device manufacturers and what their business model is going to be. Another prominent element to bear in mind is the MFi program this would influence the cost of beacons but also the quantity of producers.


(HD) Auto-Connect BT to BT Module Without Using Arduino At All – Presence Detection System

This video demonstrates the “Presence Detection System” concept. This project uses a pair of Bluetooth modules which is HC-05 (master) and HC-06 (slave), a USB to UART converter to connect the BT modules to the computer and a relay module for building up application circuit.

The BT modules need to be set up with certain configuration to make them automatically connect between each other when they are visible to one another. This project does not use any Arduino and its code at all. However, we still use it’s Serial Monitor to help setting up the BT modules in the AT mode.

You may implement this kind of “presence detection” concept in your own projects namely the key-less entry for vehicle, automatic gate opener for home application or the child surveillance system for the safety of your kids. You name it, the sky is the only limit.

If you wish to add up some timer or kind of intelligence to your project, then use micro-controllers such as PIC or the Arduino. All
you have to do is just monitor the “STATE” pin of the HC-05 BT module, which will give about 3.3V when it is linked to other BT device or 0V when it is not. To let say build a forward/reverse motor control circuit, refer my other videos on my channel. Feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below.

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Credit to Martyn Currey ( for the guide on auto-pairing of the BT modules.

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Configure HC 05 Bluetooth Module

This is useful for configure the bluetooth module with corresponding Mind-wave device.And automatically the bluetooth module pair with our mind-wave device.

For more info and to download source code:


Bluetooth Module for Arduino

The Bluetooth Module for Arduino is a small electronic circuit that allows to get serial communication between your Arduino board and your pc or device through Bluetooth protocol.

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El módulo Bluetooth para Arduino es un pequeño circuito electrónico que permite tener comunicación serie entre tu placa Arduino y tu pc o dispositivo a través del protocolo Bluetooth.

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Arduino Project 02: RC Car Control via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)

In this project I will show you how to transform an RC toy car to Bluetooth controlled through your Android smartphone!

Hardware Required:

– RC Car –
– Arduino Board –
– Motor Shield –
– Bluetooth Module –
– Wires
– Battery

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– Before starting, remove the existing rc circuit.
– You should find the polarity of 2 motors.
– For power, you can use the existing batteries, or replace them with a Li iOn rechargeable battery pack.

– When uploading code to arduino, you must disconnect first the VCC pin of Bluetooth module.


Get the Source Code and Application —