White label IBKS 105 ibeacon

Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Accent Systems
Model Number:
Default color:
Battery life time:
up to 3 years sending 1s interval packets
Replaceable battery:
ibeacon license:
Supply Ability:
300.000 Unit/Units per Month
Packaging Details
Devices packaged in tubes of different lengths to optimize the space and reduce the shipping costs. We can also customize the packaging for big orders.
Lead Time:
24h-8 weeks

Product Description

IBKS 105 is a completely standard ibeacon compatible with iOS, Android and other operative systems that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth 4.0) communication.

After more than a year between the leaders of the iBeacon innovation, Accent Systems, with more than 7 years of Electronic manufacturing expertise, launches the last version of the ibeacon concept, maintaining all the strength of the firsts devices and improving some points thanks to the feedback of the thousands of customers.

What’s new in iBKS105?

105 certified logo.jpg

Battery lifetime: 7 times more of battery lifetime than the previous version with the same form factor. The most durable cell coin powered beacon in the market.

Improved enclosure: Battery replacement in just 4 seconds without tools.

Optional sensors/switches: The following sensors are not assembled by default, they are an extra option that you have to ask for.

  • Hall sensor: Beacon enters in configuration mode when you place a magnet in front of it.
  • Accelerometer: Suitable for motion applications.
  • 8 bit microswitch password & push button: To keep the same concept than iBKS102

 What’s still here?

We maintain our more characteristic services to provide you with European quality in each unit.

Configurable and configurated 

No lies, no tricks. You can configure all the parameters, including UUID, Major, Minor, and more. And we can also do it for you completely free of charge.

  • RF performance
    Using high quality matching components and good antenna design in the RF circuit, we have achieved maximum efficiency in connectivity. That means consistent delivery of quality signal reception and stability over a maximum range.
  • Extended Battery lifetime
    All of the energy consumed from the battery is efficiently converted into the RF signal, thanks to the RF optimized circuit and the antenna design. Additionally, iBKS are not in reception mode unless somebody sets the password and enters it during configuration mode, resulting in efficient power consumption.
  • Customizing services
    Think a minute about what would happen if you needed to deploy a solution that services over 1,000 units on short order. Our customization services configure all the parameters for you, even if you need incremental minors or a specific sequence. We can customize a complete package, including custom logo printing, plastic design, firmware, hardware, and more. Contact us for custom projects.
  • Support
    Unlike other beacon suppliers, our customers are not our competitors, and this is an important key to understand. Our passion is to support you in every aspect possible to make your project a success, which brings us success.

Made in Barcelona
All the devices are designed and assembled in our facilities in Barcelona. This is why we can provide European quality standards in each unit, and close relationship with our partners.

Don’t hesitate to check out our website to see all the features, battery consumption tables, “How to” guides or even buy few units for testing purpose.


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