Smart Beacon Market To Inflate With A CAGR Of 22.0% From 2017-2025

Smart Beacon Market To Inflate With A CAGR Of 22.0% From 2017-2025

In accordance with a fresh market research report published by Credence Research, “Proximity Beacon Market(by Operating Platform (Open Source, Closed Source), By End-use (Retail, Public Infrastructures, Others)) Market – Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Landscape, 2017-2025”, Proximity Beacon market is expected to thrive at a CAGR 22.0% from 2017 to 2025.

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Market Insights

Mobile and wireless communication technologies have emerged tremendously during the past few decades. Development of advanced cellular communication is estimated to grow a step forward in the future years, witnessing adoption across different application. The retail industry is one such vertical consistently working towards bettering their consumer experience by setting up more modern engagement models. Some of them are engaging LED billboards, interactive billboards, and facial analytics/identification. This makes the retail industry hugely promising for customer engagement technologies like BTLE Beacon. Bluetooth Beacon is one of the many wireless communication techniques developed recently using which the retail firms (sellers) can interact with their consumers.

The BTLE Beacon market has viewed noticeable growth since its first launch in the year 2013. Perimeter Beacon features Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and has been demonstrated to be a simple one-way communication channel. Smart Beacons are available for both open source and closed source platform and so, can be used for many applications. And additionally, the installing and operation cost of Bluetooth Beacon is very cost-effective making it a permanent solution for the retail firms, as a consequence boosting brand marketing and advertising. Companies are willingly implementing this new technique for fascinating the clientele. To add, iBeacon finds its application in public places, for example, air terminals, automatic parking systems, navigation in the buildings and others to direct the people by offering important information instantly to their mobile phones.

Smart Beacon market is segmented according to platform, end-use, and geography. On such basis as the platform, Perimeter Beacon is classified as open source Smart Beacons and closed source BLE Beacon. Open source BTLE Beacon are usually applicable for android platform, while the closed source Beacon is deployed for IOS OS. Depending on the end-use segmentation, Marketing Beacons are classified for retail, public area, and other applications. The other applications segment include things like indoor navigations and medical related applications.

In the world, North America leads the overall Beacon market. Europe succeeds the North American Marketing Beacon market, on the subject of revenue. Asia-Pacific is predicted to show up as the fastest growing market for Beacon technology because of the great prospects for the retail industry. BTLE Beacon market is predicted to grow tremendously in the Asia Pacific in the forecast period.

Competitive Insights:

Beacon market is still in its beginning stage, with only some countries observing their adoption. The market includes a huge number of makers, with most of them concentrating on developing power efficient Bluetooth Beacons based on open source platform. BTLE Beacon suppliers such as Aruba (a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company), Estimote, Inc., Gimbal, Inc.,, Radius Networks, Inc., BlueCats, Blue Sense Networks, Glimworm Beacon, Sensorberg GmbH, and many others are improving the technology by increasing battery life and bettering other technical spec just like operating range. One more main strategy followed by the market participants is developing economical BTLE Beacon for small retail markets.

Important Trends

Continue efforts by the retail industry in the direction of more efficient customer captivation
Improving worldwide sales channel as a way to sustain and enlarge the sales
Constant growth in wireless communication and also the smart phone technology
Direct attention to increasing the application area of BTLE Beacons


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