Lenovo HW01 Smart Sport Wristband: Unboxing and Review

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This looks and acts like a typical smart fitness band, but it offers a new unique feature we will soon start seeing throughout the marketplace, and that’s why it is getting a review today on a smartwatch YouTube channel. That feature is the ability to identify when your heart rate reading exceeds a threshold that you set and notify you via vibration in the band. This allows you to train up into your optimal heart rate zone with feedback from your watch.

When you explore the associated phone app in detail, you will see that the app and band paired together can assess your movement and heart rate information and track how much time you are spending walking, running, and even the time you are in aerobic exercise.

It is a simple device to use with easy tethering to the Lenovo Smart Bracelet app which I would suggest you download from the Google Play Store right now to check out it’s features (there’s an iOS version for iPhones as well).


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