LENOVO HW01 IP65 Life Waterproof Smart Bracelet

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♦ 0.91″ OLED display screen with touch button control: View time, step count, heart rate and more via the OLED screen.
♦ Lift wrist to wake up the screen: When raising wrist, the screen will automatically display the current time, easy and convenient to see it.
♦ Heart rate monitor: Maintain a good heart rate, help to achieve thedesired effect of exercise. Using the photoelectric pulse wave recording methood to accurately record the health condition of your heart rate.
♦ Fitness Tracker: Uses an upgraded pedometer algorithm, more precisely track your sports, record steps, distance and calories, help you achieve your sports target.
♦ Sedentary reminder: HW01 will automatically monitor the status of your activities, when you sit still, it will remind you by vibrating to go out breathing air and relaxing, charge for your health!
♦ Sleep Tracker: Let you know your deep sleep and shallow sleep, help you develop good living habits.
♦ Silent alarm: Wake you up every morning, will not be late for work; Remind you with vibration, never worry about missing anything.
♦ Long standby time: HW01 with diaply ensures about 7 days ultra-long standby time for a full charging.
♦ Call/APP message reminder: Tell you with vibration when a call or message comes, you never need to worry about missing any important calls or info.
♦ New anti-lost wrist strap design: Hypoallergenic silicone band with durable lining structure wrapped the Mi-core, to avoid the Mi-core to miss.
♦ Bluetooth 4.2 chip: For faster and stable connections, also more power-saving.
♦ IP65 Life Waterproof: Do not need to take HW01 off while washing hands and showering. Resistant to dust and sweat too.

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