Made-To-Order Proximity Beacon OEM in China

Made-To-Order Proximity Beacon OEM in China

Jiangmen Todaair Electronics Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Todaair Electronics Co., Ltd. is a ground breaking technology business which is centered on development and research, production, sale of wireless telecommunication microwave devices. We consentrate on creating the wireless core technology, and even we have our unique cloud platform which could create the smart home.

We work with superb domestic IT firms like ZTE, Wechat platform, GizWits. Progressively, we focus on the smart cloud system.

We separately develop and produce “Todaair” brand items which comprise the DIP out-of-doors wireless AP, interior ceiling AP, household inwall AP, smart gateway, promoting wireless routers, smart control switch, open-air high-gain aerial, wholesale Perimeter Beacons, et cetera. Our commercial range mostly entails wireless video overseeing, inside and outside transmission coverage. All this time, Todaair software platform is very popular in security wireless monitoring, industrial transmission, WiFi coverage and also other segments. Brand franchisees can be found in around 50 top towns in China. And our products are typically marketed to The EU, The United States, South-east Aisa, Latin America, The African continent.

Get Hold of Us

Contact Tel: +86-750-3135725
Mailbox: todaair[at]
Address: F.6 Electronic Building No.1 Guangdeli Street, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China


Zhejiang Dusun Electron Ltd.

We produce smart control terminals, WI-FI modules and also IoT systems
Turnkey solutions presented | ISO9001:2000 accredited

Carrying Around Fourteen Years of Past Experiences
Zhejiang Dusun Electron Co. Ltd. began in the year 2002. We’re a fully foreign-owned corporation, with registered investment capital of $5.1 million and annual gross sales of $27.7 million. We’re a solution supplier and manufacturer of smart control terminals, WIFI modules (like Bluetooth, wholesale proximity beacon, Wi-Fi & ZigBee), along with IoT products.

A Wide Variety Of Smart Wireless Products Available
We’re a high-tech business venture which delivers a turn-key solution for smart wireless products. Our leading series feature wireless smart control terminals (intelligent remote controls and Bluetooth Smart modules), smart motors (tubular motor electronic stroke controllers) and IoT products (smart home alarms, gateways, medical related equipment, OEM perimeter beacon plus blood pressure readers).

Profit From The Great Position
Our headquarter and manufacturing unit are based in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, and our research and development center is in Wantong Center, Hangzhou. We were initially established in 2002 in Hangzhou, and next purchased 30 acres of land self-built plant in Deqing, Huzhou in 2007. Now we have an 18,000 square meter manufacturing area and want to expand one more 10,000 square m. Our company is located in the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, simply 30-minute’s driving from Hangzhou and 2 hours from Shanghai.

Our Hangzhou R&D facility is able of supplying entire solutions, from the underlying hardware, embedded software and application integration. Furthermore, we have built a close partnership with the vast majority of chip (sensor) companies, academic institutions plus industry clients, building a mutually beneficial ecosystem from product to client.

Zero-defect Manufacturing
We operate a nearly Defect-free manufacturing plant under ISO9001:2000 quality control system. We produce higher than 20,000 standard products every single day. Communicate with us now to know how we could support you or check our most popular products on our Site.

Touch Base with Us

Location: No. 640 Fengqing Street, Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China Zipcode: 313200
Contact Tel: +86-572-8823300
Fax: +86-572-8823330


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