Arduino Code: Bluetooth module HC-05 AT Setup Mode

Arduino: Bluetooth module HC-05 AT Mode setup

Used for setting up your modules Name, Password, Mode ect

Schematic image:

Arduino Code:

AT Command Documentation:

Some other AT commands:

AT+ADDR? (Bluetooth address)
AT+VERSION? (Soft version)

AT+NAME? (Display current name of device)
AT+NAME=wtvr-u-want (Set device name to wtvr-u-want)

AT+PSWD? (Display current password) (Default: 1234 or 0000)
AT+PSWD=wtvr-u-want (Set password to wtvr-u-want)

AT+RESET (Reset BT module)
AT+ORGL (Restore default settings)

AT+INIT (Exit AT Mode)

More can be found here:
or search for ‘HT-05 AT Commands’

How to setup your HT-05 to operate as a Bluetooth communication device:


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