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Arduino Tutorial 12 – Servo Motor Control via Bluetooth (with Smartphone)

In this tutorial you will be creating an aplication for controlling a servo motor. Use slider in your application and move to servo motor from 0-180. —————————————————————- Hardware Required : Arduino Boards — Bluetooth Module — Servo Motor — Wires — Recommended Shopping Site — Arduino Starter Learning Kit — […]

Bluetooth module hc-05 with Arduino

Bluetooth module hc 05 with Arduino. In this tutorial we will learn how we can connect bluetooth module hc-05 with arduino. Code Link: source

Arduino Bluetooth Android – LED Controller Project

This video to show you how to connect the Bluetooth HC-06 with Arduino UNO to On and Off the LED with your Android Phone or tablet. You can find the more detail on below link: Arduino and Bluetooth HC-06 to Control the LED with Android Device Android Application source

Arduino Tutorial #8 – Controlling Robots with Bluetooth (HC-05)

In this tutorial we learn how to use the HC-05 bluetooth module with Arduino. The end result being a robot that is controlled via bluetooth. Support me on Patreon: Social Links Facebook: Twitter: G+: Website: source

Tutorial # 3: Configure & Interface Bluetooth Module with Arduino UNO in Urdu

This Tutorial Show you that how to configure a Bluetooth Module (HC-06) with AT Commands using Arduino and how to interface a Bluetooth Module (HC-06) with Arduino Links: Schematic 1 : Schematic 2 : Arduino Sketch : Android App : source

How to set AT Command mode for HC-05 Bluetooth module arduino

AT Command mode is use to change default settings of HC-05 BT module like device name, device role master or slave etc. This video is to show how to configure AT COMMAND mode for HC-05 BT Module for Arduino. There are two types of BT Module available in market one with small push button on […]

How to PAIR Bluetooth HC-05 Modules

This video explains how to pair tw HC-05 modules so that they can replace Serial wired communication to a Wireless one. Arduino UNO is used to configure SLAVE module. USB-TTL board is used to configure the Master. Bluetooth HC05- How to pair two modules TERATERM serial terminal download It’s not RealTerm as mentioned in video.I’ve […]

Arduino Code: HC-05 Bluetooth module setup as communication device

Arduino Bluetooth HC-05 Circuitry & Code ___________________________________________ Schematic using 3.3v Regulator: Schematic using resistors as voltage regulator: Code: The voltage regulator is used to prevent the 5v output from the Arduino’s Transmit pin (TX) overloading the 3.3v Receive pin (RX) of the Bluetooth module. ___________________________________________ To change the Name, Password, Mode ect […]

Configuring The HC-05 Bluetooth Module with AT Commands

In this video, I will demo how to change the settings of the ubiquitous HC-05 Bluetooth module using the AT command set. The HC-05 comes with a rich set of AT commands to perform various tasks such as changing the module’s default settings including changing the pass code, the device name, and the baud rate. […]

Arduino #15 Bluetooth Tutorial – Easy Wireless for your Robots Android

In the 15th Arduino Tutorial we will be connecting to our module via Bluetooth. this connection is fairly simple and will be done through either iOS or Android from an application which is already available in either store. You will learn how to dim an LED, toggle your digital outputs and expand your knowledge of […]