How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 1S to Apple Health – details

Apple appstore:

Android version:

Xiaomi Mi band 1S working with Apple Health App and Mi HR app on iOS. It can continuosly measure heart rate and store results in Apple Health. Detailed configuration.

-3. Start Mi Fit and synchronise.
-2. Start Mi HR and measure bpm for few seconds.
-1. Start Apple Health.
0. Kill Mi Fit and Mi HR – like really close it, not put in the background. Only Apple health should be running.
1. Bluetooth off
2. Bluetooth on, waiting to connect
3. Go to the Mi Fit, waiting to synchronizing
4. Go to your Mi HR app, turn on continuous measuring
5. Go to Health App – Vitals – HR
6. Waiting to get data from the HR app

Jak połączyć Xiaomi Mi Band 1S z Apple Zdrowie?

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