Xiaomi Mi Band 2 full review in 4 minutes

Here is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review – this video review covers unboxing, design, features, performance, Mi Fit app and battery life / performance.

Read the review and for updates visit http://www.gogi.in/xiaomi-mi-band-2-review.html


How to pair Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with Apple iPad Air (same procedures apply to iPad Pro / iPad Mini)

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Pairing and Mi Fit App Detailed Setup – (from start to finish)

Frugal Fitbit alternative. Search for Mi Band 2 on Amazon to see full specifications. Video shows detailed instructions on pairing and app configuration. Cost about $35.00. Tracks steps, heart rate, sleep, running stats, and much more! Receives call, text and app notifications.
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Excellent alternative to Fitbit – beats any sale / discount price.

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Sleep Off! Xiaomi Mi Band vs. Sense, by Hello

Sleep Off! Xiaomi Mi Band vs. Sense, by Hello!

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is doing well. As you’ve probably seen from my videos, I’ve recently come into contact with a few devices that track your sleep.

So, today I talk to you about why you want to track your sleep and how inexpensive the Mi Band compares to a bespoke tailor made device.

I’d love to know what you think. Anything and everything you say is helpful!


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How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 1S to Apple Health – details

Apple appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1074341151

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inumbra.mimhr

Xiaomi Mi band 1S working with Apple Health App and Mi HR app on iOS. It can continuosly measure heart rate and store results in Apple Health. Detailed configuration.

-3. Start Mi Fit and synchronise.
-2. Start Mi HR and measure bpm for few seconds.
-1. Start Apple Health.
0. Kill Mi Fit and Mi HR – like really close it, not put in the background. Only Apple health should be running.
1. Bluetooth off
2. Bluetooth on, waiting to connect
3. Go to the Mi Fit, waiting to synchronizing
4. Go to your Mi HR app, turn on continuous measuring
5. Go to Health App – Vitals – HR
6. Waiting to get data from the HR app

Jak połączyć Xiaomi Mi Band 1S z Apple Zdrowie?

Interested in beta testing: drop me a note hubert@mimhr.com


Apple iPhone SE – Conectando a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – PortuguĂŞs

Neste vĂ­deo mostro como baixar o app e conectar a Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

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How to – Fix pairing problem in Mi Band 2 | Band is paired by other person

The Mi Band 2 does not have any physical buttons to reset the device. The only button it has is a capacitive button meant to interact with the device. So, the complete pairing and unpairing cycle are completely driven by the Mi Fit App. Now, the Mi Band 2 device cannot be paired simultaneously on multiple devices. So, if you want to pair the Mi Band 2 on a different device, you would need to unpair from the device where you paired it originally. But what would happen if your phone received an update or got damaged? When you try to pair the Mi Band 2 with a new device, you will get an error message saying “Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again“. watch video to know how to resolve this!


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