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Proses PCB Inspection di TF Batam kerja sama TF Politeknik Batam dan Pusat Unggulan IPTEK ITB


Zero Defects International Brings in Taiyo PCB Inspection System

Zero Defects International [ZDI] has been designated by Taiyo Industrial Company, Japan, to manage the North American introduction of it’s intelligent printed circuit board final inspection systems. These inspection systems have picked up popular success in The European Union and in Asian countries and are right now being brought in to the USA and Canada.

Just prior to beginning this task, ZDI contacted several PCB makers in order to determine whether there would be a perceived demand for this kind of equipment. The consensus was that the product is one that will conduct a very important function and, additionally, give a very favorable Return on investment.

Latest initial trials in the USA have demostrated that the machine surely could uncover imperfections which passed ordinary visual inspection but should have been flagged as not meeting the end customer’s requirements. Detection capabilities comprise of: exposed copper, solder mask on pads, scratches, foreign material, blocked holes and chipped plating.

Who is Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. launched in 1960, is diversified with interconnect and test business interests. Flexible printed circuits are a mainstay and also a selection of PCB test and inspection systems.

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