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One of the most critical steps in the circuit board assembly process is the step of inspection. The inspection process is looking for defects in terms of: solder bridging, solder opens, missing components, reversed components or components that end up in the wrong location.

This critical step has been revolutionized by the invention of Automated Optical Inspection otherwise known as “AOI”. Previously, this was all performed manually through visual inspection; which of course is highly dependent on the individual inspector. Visual inspection is time consuming, labor intensive and can produce inconsistent quality control results.

The machine depicted in this video has 5 high-resolution cameras (top down, and 4 side angles) and uses a special “RGB” lighting scheme for high quality contrasting and imaging. The AOI machine will scan and image the circuit board. These images are then scanned for defects and compared to the CAD data and Bill of Material of the circuit board (as well as previous images gathered), for a very thorough inspection process that is also fast and efficient!

By using AOI, we increase accuracy and speed, while allowing the inspectors more time to concentrate on the solder joint quality, something that the AOI machines are less adept at catching.

The feedback we receive from AOI becomes a permanent part of the quality record of each build. It also provides real time feedback to further improve our process control. This is why we perform 100% AOI and visual inspection on 100% of the boards we assemble and is another key reason why our quality is top notch in the industry!

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Zero Defects International Brings in Taiyo PCB Inspection System

Zero Defects International [ZDI] has been assigned by Taiyo Industrial Company, Japan, to manage the North American introduction of it’s computerized printed circuit board final inspection systems. These inspection systems have obtained popular success in Europe and in Asian countries and are presently being brought to the USA and Canada.

Ahead of beginning this mission, ZDI contacted a wide range of PCB producers to be able to determine whether there would be a perceived need for this kind of equipment. The judgement was that the product is one that will perform an important function and, also, offer a very suitable Return on investment.

Latest initial trials in America have proven that the machine surely could find flaws that passed ordinary visual inspection but should have been flagged as not meeting the end customer’s specification. Detection capabilities comprise of: exposed copper, solder mask on pads, scratches, foreign material, blocked holes and chipped plating.

Who is Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. launched in 1960, is diversified with interconnect and test business interests. Flexible printed circuits are a mainstay and a huge selection of PCB test and inspection systems.

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