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Using your Raspberry Pi: (PART 4) setting up XBMC remote on android and streaming youtube to TV

In this video I show how to set up the XBMC remote application on an android device, how to configure your network for compatibility, guide you through the various functions within the android app and show you how to wirelessly send youtube videos to your TV. This series of videos covers everything you will need […]

PCB Artist Video Tutorial- Series 1 – Part 2 Video

PCB (printed circuit board) Design Tutorial by Advanced Circuits – Learn how to design a professional PCB. Printed circuit board video tutorial – layout design, standards, and tips. Get free PCB Artist here: source

Full PCB design tutorial in Design Spark

—————————————————————- Part1: Create a component 3:41 Part2: Create the schematic 12:07 Part1: Create the PCB 16:15 Resume: Almost all the electronics projects finally resume to the design of a PCB in order to make permanent your project. There are a lot of PCB design software that you could use. I start using one called Design […]

Raspberry Pi Streaming TV Box with Live TV Demo Aug 10

Streaming Free Movies & TV with Live TV Added – On Raspberry Pi3 System – For more information check our website: UPR Home Entertainment Systems presents the advantages of streaming television services. We take the frustration and confusion out of streaming your favourite television shows and movies. We offer a one month satisfaction guarantee […]

Optilia HD PCB Inspection Cameras A range of Inspection cameras and accessories for many applications. PCB Inspection is one of the applications the Optilia Inspection camera is well suited for, this presentation provides an overview of the inspection camera range. source Zero Defects International Brings in Taiyo PCB Inspection System Zero Defects International [ZDI] has been assigned by Taiyo […]

EasyEDA – Free online Schematic & PCB Design Software + How to make a PCB

In this video, I will show you to use the online PCB design tool EasyEDA ( and make your own PCB at home, that is a really awesome cloud EDA tool to create circuits & PCBs right in your web browser! I also recommend the EasyEDA Gerber viewer tool(, which makes it easy to see […]

Kodi/XBMC Media Center | Raspberry Pi 3 | NUEtronix

This is our “How To Build Your Own Media Center with the Raspberry Pi 3” tutorial guide. Website – Link to download NOOBS: Downloads Social Media: Twitter – Facebook – CHECK OUT OUR RASPBERRY PI 3 UNBOXING VIDEO - Amazon Links to the products we used in this video: (Raspberry Pi […]