IC Substrate Industry Analysis 2015 For Global and China

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IC substrate industry may be in a predicament in 2015, rooted in two aspects: first, the maturing of FOWLP; second, the tablet sales decline and sluggish smartphone growth. In addition, the prosperity of IC substrate industry in 2013 stimulated large-scale expansion of enterprises in 2014, thus leading to an insufficient rate of capacity utilization.

For FC-CSP substrate with mobile phone and tablet PC as the core market facing strong competition from FOWLP that has overwhelming superiorities including low profile, higher speed, more I/O, higher integration, less processing step, especially needing no substrate which slashes cost as IC substrate accounts for more than half of the total cost of IC.

Although it is in its infancy without obvious cost advantage, FOWLP has been an irresistible trend, the traditional FC-CSP substrate will have to reduce the price to enter a competition, and the demand for the latter will be sharply reduced by more than 60% once FOWLP matures. So in 2015, FC-CSP substrate vendors have to substantially reduce the price to gain market advantage in advance. It is expected that in 2015 the IC substrate market will encounter a 7% scale-down to USD7.12 billion.

Global and China IC Substrate Industry Report, 2015 highlights the followings:
• Status quo of semiconductor and IC packaging industry
• Analysis on downstream market of IC substrate
• Development trend of IC substrate
• Analysis on IC substrate industry
• Research on 12 IC substrate vendors
• Research on 6 IC substrate peripheral companies

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In the downstream market, large screen mobile phone squeezed the living space of tablet PC which declined significantly. And the single-functional tablet PC is mostly used as a toy for children with less demand for replacement. In the field of smartphone, China as the world’s largest smartphone market declined in 2014.
SiP packaging substrate will be the highlight for IC substrate market in 2015 as core components of high-end smart watches must adopt SiP packaging. Both the two core processors built in Apple Watch use SiP packaging technology. The most important SiP substrate of Apple Watch calls for the most difficult production, priced 4-5 times higher than FCCSP applied to general ARM processor. The orders are shared by Nanya, Kinsus and other Taiwanese vendors. ASE undertakes Apple Watch’s SI chip SiP packaging business.

The PC market is also likely to recover in 2015 for tablet PC slump means the recovery of laptop computer market. Laptop computer market saw the first growth in 2014 after three consecutive years of decline and is expected to continue the trend in 2015. And laptop discrete graphics card accounts for a zooming proportion, signifying GPU shipments boost.
Another excellent performer in IC substrate applications is the memory market.

Major Points from Table of Contents
1. Global Semiconductor Industry
1.1 Overview
1.2 IC Packaging
1.3 IC Packaging and Testing

2. Downstream Market of IC Substrate
2.1 Introduction to IC Substrate
2.2 Flip Chip IC Substrate
2.3 Global Mobile Phone Market
2.4 Global Smartphone Market
2.5 Chinese Mobile Phone Market
2.6 Laptop Computer Market
2.7 CPU and GPU Market
2.8 Memory Market

3. IC Substrate Market and Industry
3.1 IC Substrate Market
3.2 Wide IO/HMC Memory
3.3 Embedded Component Substrate
3.4 Embedded Trace Substrate
3.5 IC Packaging for Portable Devices
3.5.1 Status Quo
3.5.2 PoP Packaging
3.5.3 FOWLP
3.6 SIP Packaging
3.7 2.5D Packaging (SI/Glass/Organic Interposer)
3.7.1 Introduction to 2.5D Packaging
3.7.2 Application of 2.5D Packaging
3.7.3 Market Size of 2.5D Interposer
3.7.4 Suppliers of 2.5D Packaging
3.8 TSV (3D) Packaging
3.8.1 TSV Packaging Equipment
3.9 FC-PoP Packaging
3.10 IC Substrate Industry

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4. IC Substrate Vendors
4.1 Unimicron
4.3 Daeduck Electronics
4.7 Nan Ya PCB
4.11 AT&S

5. IC Substrate Packaging Companies
5.1 ASE
5.3 SPIL
5.5 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company

Complete report is available @ http://www.chinamarketresearchreports.com/115024.html .


2017 Most current PCB Industry News

PCB industry is among the fastest developing market sectors in the world as most of the current electronic products is PCB-driven. Based on the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PCB in the America has expanded. This article offers some interesting ideas into the arena of PCB industry by investigating the progress trends, prospective buyers, and forecast report.

Product based assessment of PCB market

1-2 sided
4-6 low
8-16 mid
18+ high
Micro via (HDI)

As per a variety of market analysis reports, you will find there’s popular demand for 4-6 layer PCB types. This is due to their escalating use in devices such as resistors, embedded capacitors and transistors. Furthermore, with the introduction in technology new PCB’s like RoHS / lead free PCB’s have come about in the market changing the face of electronics market. The PCB market is supposed to grow with the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% against the last Q4 2016, trend which witnessed severe downside. Some frequent PCB products owning the electronics market are:

Usage based research of PCB market

In terms of the most important income contributor for the PCB industry, the networking and communication sector leads by contributing a 30% surge in the PCB earnings. On top of that, the aerospace and defense market sectors have in addition began utilizing PCB technologies. Right here is the set of PCB market positioning when it comes to applications.

Electronic Products
Computer system / Side-line Goods
Industrial Electronic products
Motor vehicle

2017 Newest Market Research and Fads

As per the “Global PCB Business Report“, PCB market was estimated at above $3.4 billion in the Q4 2016, with the industry conjecture advising a 10 per cent expansion in 2017. American region makes up 5% of whole $60 billion universal PCB market. This market research report concentrates on the major figures and in-depth study of the PCB industries within the American region. Some main points enrolled in the report are:

::Offshoring Influence: Because of the move of diverse electronic products industries and manufacturing facilities to third world regions, there has been an enormous downslide in the American PCB industry. This has resulted in a downsizing in the PCB manufacturing facilities in the United states area.

::Resurgence of PCB market: Quite a few sectors similar to communications, defense, and industrial electronic products industries remain relying on the PCB field. The PCB industry nevertheless remains the tactical driver for a lot of sophisticated automation and process control hardware. With the resurgence of the gas and oil field, which depends on PCB powered apparatus, the PCB industry is currently experiencing a revival in the American region.

In the event you are struggling to find PCB for your application, you must look at a company with a loaded industry experience similar to MOKO is the type of well-known maker and dealer of PCB in China. The firm has persistently supplied their shoppers with top quality circuit boards that rank with regards to time and performance.

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