Global Printed Circuit Board Industry 2016-2020 Market Research Report

A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the Global Printed Circuit Board industry 2016-2020 Market Analysis and future opportunities are provided in the report.


2017 Most up-to-date PCB Field News

PCB industry is one of the fastest developing industries in the world because most of the current day electronic devices is PCB-driven. According to the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PCB in the America has grown. This particular article offers certain interesting insights into the field of PCB industry by analyzing the growth trends, potential customers, and forecast report.

Product based evaluation of PCB market

1-2 sided
4-6 low
8-16 mid
18+ high
Micro via (HDI)

Depending on a range of market analysis reports, there exists a popular demand for 4-6 layer PCB types. This is a consequence of their expanding use in devices for instance, resistors, embedded capacitors and transistors. Likewise, with the arrival in technology new PCB’s for example, RoHS / lead free PCB’s have come up in the market changing the face of consumer electronics industry. The PCB market is anticipated to grow with the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% against the last Q4 2016, trend which witnessed severe downside. Some frequent PCB products taking over the consumer electronics market are:

Usage based analysis of PCB industry

In regards to the largest sales contributor for the PCB industry, the networking and communication industry leads by contributing a 30% improvement in the PCB income. In addition, the aerospace and defense market sectors have also began using PCB technologies. Here’s the listing of PCB market positioning in terms of applications.

Electronics Industries
Personal computer / Side-line Goods
Industrial Electronic devices

2017 Most up-to-date Surveys and Fads

Depending on the “Global PCB Industry Report“, PCB market was analyzed at in excess of $3.4 billion in the Q4 2016, with the industry prediction hinting a 10 % advancement in 2017. American area consists 5Percent of whole $60 billion global PCB market. This research document targets on the key stats and in depth study of the PCB industries throughout the American region. Some boasting points enrolled in the report are:

::Offshoring Influence: Mainly because of the move of diverse electronics industries and manufacturing facilities to 3rd world countries, there has been a massive downslide in the American PCB business. This has concluded in a downsizing in the PCB manufacturing units in the United states area.

::Rebirth of PCB industry: A number of industries similar to communications, defense, and industrial electronics industries are still depending upon the PCB sector. The PCB industry still is still strategic driver for a lot of complex automation and process control devices. With the resurrection of the gas and oil business, which relies upon PCB driven gear, the PCB business is presently going for a rebirth in the American region.

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